Check out the Street Fighter 6 themes for Dee Jay and the mysterious JP

street fighter 6 themes jp dee jay

If this fancy lad isn’t the main villain…

Capcom has rolled out two more character themes for its upcoming scrapper Street Fighter 6, which is headed our way ever so slowly on PC and console platforms — This time around, the new themes herald the return of Jamaican superstar Dee Jay Maximum, and the debut of a wealthy industrialist, clouded in intrigue and shrouded in mystery, who goes by the simple moniker of “JP

With the release of these pieces for Dee Jay and JP, we now have heard the themes for all of the revealed characters to date. Incredibly, we are still waiting on our first gameplay glimpses of Russian wrestler Zangief, British special agent Cammy, and Mexican newcomer Lily. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing these three characters in action soon, rounding out the launch roster for the highly anticipated fighter.

Dee Jay – All Right!

Of absolutely no surprise to anybody, Dee Jay’s theme, “All Right!” is a proud reflection of the hometown hero’s Jamaican heritage, featuring lightweight Caribbean beats and strong steel drum percussion. Layed over the top of a happy-go-lucky vibe, personifying Dee Jay’s infectiously upbeat attitude, record-scratch samples represent Dee Jay’s fame as a master musician and keeper of the wheels of steel. Much like his original Super Street Fighter II theme, All Right is all about having a good time with good folks. Keeping the party going long into the night before the dawning sun rises on the shores of Jamaica.

JP – The Plunderer

While Capcom is yet to reveal a true “villain” for Street Fighter 6, the immaculately dressed JP is fast becoming the lead contender. With a background cloaked in mystery, seemingly endless resources, and command of a mythic skill that looks worryingly like Psycho Power, JP’s role in the new sequel is yet to be confirmed. JP’s theme, “The Plunderer”, carries a vibe of doom that suggests this is not a man to be trifled with, and after a piano-driven opening, the tune becomes increasingly hurried, ultimately settling into a fast-paced battle anthem. Suspicious? Highly, But he likes cats, so he can’t be all bad, right?

Street Fighter 6 launches June 2 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. Be sure to check out the themes for Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and JamieJuri and KimberlyBlanka and Dhalsim, Manon, and Marisa.

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