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If you have your eye on Street Fighter 6 newcomer Manon, then you aren’t alone, as the dancer, model, and martial arts master has turned more than a few heads since she made her presence known as part of the upcoming scrapper’s roster — Capcom released a new matchup of the French fighter in action, alongside the debut of her in-game theme.

You can check out the fight above, which sees Manon severely outweighed and outgunned by another SF6 newcomer, Marisa. Still, with a  mastery of poise and balance, as well as her innate acrobatic ability, Manon still manages to get more than her fair share of licks in — demonstrating her deceptive reach, a physics-defying arsenal of grabs and throws, and a frankly bizarre “splits-slide”.

Manon is definitely shaping up to be one of SF6‘s most interesting newcomers, from both a design and gameplay perspective.

Manon – Walk With Grace

Manon’s theme, “Walk With Grace” is a smooth, modern effort, clearly composed to reflect not only the character’s personality but also the many strings in her talented bow. The tune starts out with a melody as mysterious and as intriguing as the woman herself, before transitioning to a rhythmic “stride” — a beat that conjures up visions of confident models powerfully marching down a catwalk, or the red carpet. As a hybrid superstar, Manon has been afforded a tune that is a blend of her talents, synergizing together her celebrity status, her graceful motion, and her natural, somewhat aloof, sense of mystery.

Street Fighter 6 launches June 2 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. Be sure to check out the themes for Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and Jamie, Juri and Kimberly, and Blanka and Dhalsim, in our previous articles.

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