The mighty Marisa breaks hearts/bones in Street Fighter 6 matchup

marisa street fighter 6 capcom theme

Wherever I May Rome…

Of all of Street Fighter 6’s new World Warriors, perhaps none has quite made the impact on social media as the mountainous warrior and lover of all things beautiful, Marisa. Ever since Street Fighter fans first saw her in action, Marisa fast became one of the most talked-about characters, complete with a vast array of fan art and more than few fluttering hearts.

An Italian woman of Greek ancestry, Marisa (Ma-Ritz-ah) claims to have lineage traced to the warriors of old, reflected in her stoic visual appearance, golden laureled gear, and the biggest case of literal “helmet hair” in history. But, despite her domineering smash-mouth appearance, Marisa works in the intricate arts, creating jewelry for the fashion market. With Marisa, Manon, JP, and Kimberly, one can certainly see Capcom’s Fashion-Foward aims with Street Fighter 6.

As you can see from the above matchup, Marisa is not messing around when it comes to her fighting style — pressing forward with devastating punches and forearm strikes, hitting with the power of a mack truck with speed to match. While Marisa is a kind and noble woman at heart, her fighting style suggests a no-nonsense, “Sorry, but you showed up” approach to the scrap. Combining raw power and relentless forward momentum, I expect Marisa to be one of SF6‘s most popular characters in the early going.

Marisa – Pankration

Like many of the Street Fighter 6 World Warrior themes, “Pankration” is a beat-heavy track, punctuated by horns and synth melodies. An opening salvo eventually gives way to breakdowns heralding Marisa’s Grecian roots, before the beat drops back in as heavily as our gurl’s fists on the ol’ noodle. I don’t think this track quite captures Marisa as well as some of the other themes, but I do think it’s a pretty infectious piece all the same.

Street Fighter 6 launches June 2 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. Be sure to check out the themes for Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and Jamie, Juri and Kimberly, Blanka and Dhalsim, and Manon, in our previous articles.

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