Sony has ‘no plans’ for 3D PSP

Sony has demonstrated that it will happily and shamelessly copy Nintendo if something proves to be successful, and with the huge fan reaction to the 3DS, you’d think the company was busy beavering away at its own 3D version of the PSP. According to the company, however, that’s not on the cards.

“No, no plans for that,” says SCE Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde. “We just chose to focus on the big 3D in the home. Again as you pointed out, as a larger corporate initiative, it’s important to us to push that out there and be on the bleeding edge of it. That’s the focus…”

Yeah, Sony says this now, but Sony also had no plans to put last-gen rumble in its controllers or bring out a waggle wand, and look what happened. If the 3DS becomes the mega hit I’m certain it’ll be, don’t be surprised for Sony to pretend it never cast doubt on 3D handhelds and bring out a 3D PSP.

Sony ‘Very Confident’ in PS3, Move after E3 [Industry Gamers]

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