Rhythm Phantom Thief R is Sega’s next 3DS game

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Remember back when there were rhythm action games where you pressed buttons on a controller; games that didn’t involve dancing or playing weird keytar controllers? Japan remembers, which is why Rhythm Heaven Wii has been one of the best (if not the best) selling game in that country for the past month. I’m guessing that’s also why publishers are looking to make more rhythm games on Nintendo consoles; specifically TheatRhythm Final Fantasy from Square Enix, and now Rhythm Phantom Thief R from Sega.

Due out this winter in Japan, the game centers around an 18-year-old man named Ralph who by night, dons the alter ego of Phantom Thief R; a world class burglar who steals important artifacts, only to return them 3 days later. Ralph steals in order to find clues to the location of his long lost father, and in the process he fights giant robot-looking things, runs from cops, and partakes in many other thiefly duties, all set to a funky beat. What a smooth criminal, right folks?

It would really be criminal if Ulala from Space Channel 5 didn’t make some sort of cameo here. Hear that Sega? Put Ulala in this game or I’m charging you with criminal negligence of dat low-polygon, pixelated space ass.

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