Recap: Everything that happened at Summer Game Fest 2022

Summer Game Fest 2022 recap

I think we need E3

Well, it’s here! The initial “big push” Summer Game Fest stream just ended. Here’s a big old Summer Game Fest 2022 recap: emphasis on old.

Vibe check? I was heavily reminded of the low-key artifice of the PC Gaming Show throughout, where it was hard to tell what was actually a reveal and what had been shown weeks or months ago. There were lots of ads and a few “exclusives/world firsts” that were basically modified existing trailers. The Rock stopped by through a Zoom call to plug his energy drink (twice) and showed off a trailer for his new movie, Black Adam. The “one more thing” final announcement was a The Last of Us remake, which wouldn’t have hit that hard for a lot of people (myself included) even if it wasn’t leaked.

The lower energy aura has been the prevailing wind in the air since E3 left the main stage in 2020. Instead of a unified weekend/slice of time where everyone can hone in, take off work, and get excited together: we’re once again repeating the formula of spreading out split-up showcases. Despite the call to have less of those, there’s actually a healthy amount on track for next week, not to mention the rest of the summer. I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with a never-ending cavalcade of these things if they all delivered (even on an unintentionally comical, “laser/tag Mr. Caffeine” level): not all of them do.

At the end of the stream Geoff noted that Summer Game Fest will return as an “in-person and digital event” in 2023. Hey, what a coincidence: the ESA just said E3 is allegedly doing the same! 2023 is going to be wild y’all.

Everything that happened at Summer Game Fest 2022:

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