American Arcadia has an interesting dystopian TV setup

American Arcadia

Naturally, it takes place in the seemingly Utopian Arcadia

American Arcadia starts off with an idealistic trailer setup, showcasing a futuristic Utopia: then gets pretty dark pretty quick. Yep, that’s kind of the concept for a lot of these far-future sci-fi games, but this one in particular looks super interesting, especially in terms of how you interact with the narrative.

We heard from the project roughly a month ago, but now we have a little more than the 30 second teaser to go off of: a two minute trailer! You play as Trevor Hills, who is stuck in a sort of Truman Show-like situation, and wants to uh, leave. The Summer Game Fest trailer today gives us a better look at how this world operates, and how unhinged the [what seems to be the] producer of the “show” can get when something goes awry.

Eric has a great in-depth look at it here, just in case you haven’t checked out the premise yet! American Arcadia is set for “PC and console” at some point. Everything from the aesthetics (the bright retro vibe juxtaposed to some of the seedier underbelly portions of the world) to the whole vibe has me keeping an eye on this one.

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