Neon White speedruns through paradise on June 16

Neon White date reveal

By freaks, for freaks

The card-drawing, gun-blasting, speedrunning FPS Neon White is coming in hot. Annapurna Interactive and the dev team announced Neon White has a launch date for PC and Nintendo Switch next week, on June 16.

The release date for Neon White was shown off during today’s Summer Game Fest showcase. This speedy FPS is the new game from Donut County developer Ben Esposito and the crew at Angel Matrix. Rather than a cozy game about swallowing the world up, Neon White is about speed, execution, and anime. Just big anime vibes.

Speeding through the afterlife

The crux of Neon White is that you’re a former assassin who’s died and gone to… well, not heaven. As Neon White (the character), you’re saved from Hell to compete with other Neons in a competition for a shot at redemption.

Most of the levels take place in a dreamy paradise, with clouds and vistas abound. Oh, and demons. You want to get from point A to B as fast as possible, while also wiping out any demons you can. It feels fast and fluid, like if the Pilot’s Gauntlet from Titanfall 2 was spread out into a full game. Plus, it has a side of getting to know your fellow Neons.

The demo for it really spoke to me earlier this year, with its mix of precision FPS running and social sim side-ventures. Plus, watching a bunch of speedrunners tackle this game has been a treat in and of itself. And now that Neon White has a date, we can finally know when we’ll be able to start setting our own records on the leaderboard.

Neon White hits Nintendo Switch and PC on June 16, 2022.

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