New sci-fi thriller Fort Solis stars Roger Clark and Troy Baker

Fort Solis

It’s good to see Clark again after Red Dead Redemption II

Two familiar voices in the video game industry are teaming up for Fort Solis, a new sci-fi PC game in the works at independent studio Fallen Leaf. We got our first mood-setting trailer at the Summer Game Fest 2022 stream and some follow-up info from Troy Baker and Roger Clark, who play a medical officer and maintenance engineer, respectively.

Baker described the original pitch from developer Fallen Leaf as being a “tight thriller” that feels like “Dead Space meets Duncan Jones’ Moon.” That’s not exactly what we’ve seen so far today — admittedly, we’ve seen almost nothing! — but if Fort Solis can come anywhere close to achieving that kind of fusion, in gameplay and story, I’m down.

Host Geoff Keighley probed the voice actors about how the game actually plays, to which Baker said players will explore, discover, and move very fast through the world with different means of traversal. Baker added that the “narrative is a huge element” — which makes sense given who’s involved — and, well, that was it. These events move fast. A bit of intrigue, but maybe not enough to set the game apart from other recent sci-fi romps.

Fort Solis screenshot

According to Fallen Leaf, the game spans “one large base location encompassing over nine individual structures,” and you can play above ground or “simply progress by remaining below the surface,” which is intriguing. Certain big story moments are said to have “multiple outcomes.” When everything is said and done, we’ll learn what happened to the missing crew and why Fort Solis was created in the first place — ominous!

Fort Solis is coming to Steam, but a release window wasn’t announced today.

Why can’t things ever go right on Mars? Cursed, I tell ya.

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