Gotham Knights looks to the shadows for the aerial avenger, Nightwing

gotham knights nightwing trailer summer game fest

‘I got this, Bruce…’

Warner Bros. Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming DC Comics title Gotham Knights. Currently in development for PC and new-gen consoles, the hard-hitting vigilante adventure will launch this fall, following a recent delay.

During Summer Game Fest, we go to see a new trailer focusing entirely on the acrobatic, highly-skilled martial artist, Nightwing. A former protege of The Batman himself, Dick Grayson would eventually break off from his role in The Dynamic Duo, striking out for himself as a peacekeeper in the mean streets of Gotham City. His incredible ninjitsu abilities and baton-based hand-to-hand skills fast-flatten any perp foolhardy enough to stand in his way.

Nightwing will be joined by Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin in the new multiplayer title.

Gotham Knights launches October 25 on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X.

Chris Moyse
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