Come watch the Fall 2022 PlayStation State of Play live stream with us

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A short, sharp burst from La Casa PlayStation

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Remember when we just had E3? Essentially a fortnight of reveals, updates, and surprises as they relate to all things gaming? Well, today, E3 is now 12 months long… And it’s not called E3 anymore. And E3 isn’t even involved. Is this better, or is this worse? I guess it’s just a matter of perspective… Where was I?

Ah yes, here on Destructoid, and welcoming you, our beloved community to today’s surprise PlayStation State of Play presentation, dropped upon us with less than 24 hours’ notice, and ready to rock our worlds with 20 minutes of news and updates pertaining to several titles headed to platforms PS4, PS5, and PSVR2. While Sony is tight-lipped on the content of today’s stream, we can expect around 10 games in all — and given the relative shortness of the show, it’s probably gonna be a bit of a trailer fest.

And so, we’d like you all to join us for the State of Play, which kicks off 30 minutes from now. We will, as always, be bringing you all of the hot news right here on site, but it’s always fun to sit in the peanut gallery and offer your thoughts on Sony’s reveals. What’s coming? FromSoft news? A new Street Fighter 6 character reveal? The Callisto Protocol release date? Blood & Truth 2?

There’s only one way to find out.

The biggest State of Play announcements

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