God of War Ragnarok has its own DualSense controller

God of War Ragnarok DualSense wireless controller

Pre-orders open on September 27

We aren’t yet at a point where Sony is slinging game-themed PS5 consoles like in the PS4 days, but at least God of War fans are getting a special controller variant. Announced during this afternoon’s State of Play, Sony will release a God of War Ragnarok DualSense controller for PS5 on November 9, 2022 — the same day Ragnarok is out on PS4/PS5.

The white and blue DualSense controller has a bear and wolf insignia to represent Kratos and Atreus, according to Sony. It’s a nice contrast to the lighter Starlight Blue model.

Funny enough, for a split second, I thought this was going to be the State of Play’s closer, which goes to show how low my expectations tend to be for these showings. Instead, the controller tidbit just led into our fullest-yet look at God of War Ragnarok‘s story with a new trailer, and yep, it looks awesome. The weight of the story is finally sinking in.

I’ve got too many of these gamepads as is (three, somehow!), but I’m sure this will sell out fast. Pre-orders for the God of War Ragnarok DualSense begin on September 27.

A price hasn’t been listed yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bit of a premium over the $70-$75 tag for the current DualSense colorways.

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