Microsoft says Xbox 360 is the best value for the money

We wouldn’t expect the Senior VP of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment to say any less.

“Of course, I’m biased given the role that I’m in but if I really think about it using my consumer instincts and the experience that I’ve had, this is the best blend of performance, price, online and games – by far,” says Don Mattrick.

Peter Moore’s replacement also adds that “On a price per value basis, I think we win…relative to Sony and Nintendo.

The self-applause continues: “I think we’re getting to the point of critical mass in terms of the number of hits. I think we have the highest rated content ever to exist on a gaming system.”

MSNBC asks him what he meant by that, and he explains that “there are more 85-plus rated games on Xbox 360, by a long shot, when you compare it with PlayStation 3 and Wii.” Ah, so we’re leaving out the PS2, DS, and so on?

Finally, on top of having the “highest rated content ever” and being the best “on a price per value basis,” Mattrick thinks that the Xbox 360 can have a decade long shelf life like the PS2 has.

“We’re at a point now where we’re eight years in, and there’s more resources, more third-party support, more retail support and more consumer support. And it’s very probable that this will be a longer life cycle.”

Microsoft, we’d pat you on a back for a job well done, but it looks like you got that covered. 

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