This fan made Banjo-Threeie trailer looks like a real project


Microsoft should have announced this with the Xbox Series X reveal

Banjo-Threeie isn’t a real thing yet, but after watching this fan-crafted trailer from Project Dream, I want it to be. Although the project stresses that it “will not be made into a playable game,” I would play it today if it was released.

Here’s the full pitch from the creators:

“The Adventure Continues! Banjo-Threeie takes place 22 years after the defeat of Gruntilda in Banjo-Tooie.. However, for a third time the old hag is back and stronger than ever.. She has gathered an army bigger than you could imagine.. And she’s out for her final revenge! Battle your way through an inspired story exploring fantastical worlds collecting notes & jiggys! Be captivated by magical transformations into different shapes of Banjo & Kazooie to unlock puzzles and jiggies, as well as fighting an array of terrifying bosses to defeat Gruntilda and her army for one last time.”

Note that the trailer does in fact have its own music track! If you’re interested in the “main theme” of the faux game, you can check it out here: it’s composed by Dark-Grunt.

We have a serious shortage of AAA mascot platformers in the current era. We do get some third-party efforts, but I could go for a new entry in a series like this. It’s beloved enough, and relevant enough with its enduring legacy, plus it’s bolstered by a fairly recent Smash Bros. appearance. Games like A Hat in Time have also shown publishers that the audience is there still.

Chris Carter
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