Forza Motorsport is still looking fantastic, two years on, out in spring 2023

Forza Motorsport

That’s the eighth game in the series, not the franchise itself

When Microsoft unveiled “Forza Motorsport” back in 2020, a few heads turned. Not just because the trailer looked good! But because of the confusing name. This is the eight entry in the franchise, but Turn 10 and Microsoft are sticking with that title.

Turn 10 says it’s the “most technically advanced racing game ever made,” and includes ray tracing, and “fully dynamic time of day” mechanics. It’ll also feature tire and fuel management, tire compound nuance, and “advanced materials and shaders,” with ray tracing making the game pop a lot more in terms of engine bay detail.

The enhanced damage mechanic is also a huge focus, which gets as literally granular as dirt buildup. Microsoft says that the ray-tracing elements are via the “Xbox Series X and S consoles.” The insane environmental upgrades are obvious based on the trailer, as they confidently showcased a zone that seemingly looked like a real-life area. It’s convincing! I thought Gran Turismo looked great on PS5, but the differences between some of theĀ Forza stuff here seems like it’ll look even better.

Forza Motorsport is coming spring 2023 on PC, Xbox consoles, and cloud devices. And on Game Pass.

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