Japan: Larger retailers get sudden second shipment of 3DS

I went out today to check the aftermath of 3DS launch day. There wasn’t much to report. This morning it was a mix of a ton of half-assed accessories (shown above) and a few bummed out gamers. Lots of hanging around kiosks and chatting. Lots of wondering why Ridge Racer 3D is about $5 more than everything else. I got some serious looks when I pulled out my 3DS to check for any updates at a “Nintendo Zone.” I also got a friend puppy and logged over 5,000 steps. Fun.

As the day went on I began to hear people talking about some stores having 3DS systems in stock. It seems that some locations got a sudden second shipment. I happened to be minutes away from one rumored location while shopping in Shibuya: the big ol’ Tsutaya behind the Starbucks building you know from Lost in Translation. A quick check on my iPhone too; Andriasang confirmed it before I could get there. 3DS systems were selling!

Apparently the Akiba Yodobashi received more systems today. So did the other major retailer in the area, Sofmap. Don’t lose hope, Japanese gamers! Maybe Nintendo is just going to use a slow trickle method to control stock.


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