It’s All Gobbledegook quest completion guide Hogwarts Legacy

It's All Gobbledegook quest Hogwarts Legacy

Bring the cleverclogs

Not many people understand Goblin, so it’s a good thing we know a clever student for the It’s All Gobbledegook quest in Hogwarts Legacy! Of course, this means we’ll be bringing Amit with us to help communicate with these magical beings.

In this adventure outside the castle grounds, you’ll be tested with many puzzles and combat scenarios that would leave any student helpless. Thankfully, you have all the tips and tricks right here.

It’s All Gobbledegook quest location

To begin the quest, you’ll need to speak to Amit. He is hanging out at the Astronomy Tower inevitably, looking at the stars. If you remember correctly, the Ravenclaw student actually gave you his spare telescope in a prior quest. Head to the top of the tower at night to find him gazing at the sky.

Once you ask him for your help, he’s a little apprehensive about going to a goblin mine, but after telling him that you trust your contact Lodgok, he’s willing to join you. He’s actually quite excited to test his Gobbledegook so he can test his pronunciation with a native speaker.

After everything’s settled, go meet Amit and Lodgok by the mine. It’s nearby the Mine’s Eye Floo Powder spot southeast of Keenbridge.

How to get past the door with an eye

Gate with eye Hogwarts Legacy
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When the plan for the “It’s All Gobbledegook” quest is organized, Amit and your witch or wizard come across a door with an eye. It keeps glaring at your character and does not open for anyone. Similar to the one-eyed chests, you’ll want to use the Disillusionment spell. It hides you away from its sight, and the door will be open. Make sure you cast the Disillusionment spell when you’re out of its line of sight, however.

Now, enter the Mine’s Eye. Once the game boots the level in, you don’t turn invisible yet. Run forward with Amit and you’ll see a locked elevator in front of you. To the side, you’ll see a wood pile. Cast Incendio on it to heat the machine, making it roar to life. You can now use the elevator.

As soon as you reach the bottom of the elevator, look left, A lever can be pulled down. Use Accio to activate it. Two bags are dropped in front of you as a fast production line is activated.

Turn right and you’ll see a platform you can jump on, but it’s a little too far away as there’s a gap. Use Accio to bring the platform over to you. Hold the assigned button to accentuate the pulling effect.

The first battle

It's All Gobbledegook Quest Treasure Location
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Here comes your first batch of Goblin goons to take out. Amit understandably is a bit reprehensive. Go invisible and take out each of the enemies quickly with Petrificus Totalus. Unlike what Lodgok said about always staying unnoticed, you can indeed fight during the “It’s All Goobledegook quest;” it’s not mandatory to be stealthy.

Once you’ve taken care of them, move past the gate and you’ll see another piece of machinery with firewood underneath it. Cast Incendio again. Once that’s done, return to the room where you fought the first batch of hoblins. On the left-hand side of the gate, you’ll see a level that can be pulled down. Use Accio. A once-closed left-side gate at the top of a hill has opened, as shown in the picture above.

Get up to this new room and on the right, you’ll see some railing. Use a spell-like Bombarda, Accio, or Depulso to open up the space into the next room. A chest will be awaiting you at the end of the path.

Note locations

Hogwarts Legacy It's All Hobbledegook Quest Notes
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There are three different notes you’ll find in the next room, which seems to be a dining area. You’ll find the first at a table on the left from a cauldron. The second is found once you climb the stairs. You’ll find a scroll to the left of a candle with flies around it and a keg of beer. Pass the kitchen and then move forward until you see a hammer working at the smithy by itself. On a crate to the left, you’ll see a third set of unraveled on it next to bottles of alcohol. After this, Amit says the goblins are building something big.

The next room has goblins, and there will be reinforcements coming in after the first wave. Be careful and use Protego often. After that, go to the second floor with the stairs on the left side. Keep following the path until you find another piece of railing covering a route. Bust it down with Bombarda. Crawl through and get to the treasure chest to unlock a Christmas Tree for your Room of Requirement. There’s a gear chest on the left too.

Go to the ground floor where the water wheel is. Use Incendio to bring the machine back to life and cast Accio again on the pulling chain to open up the left-side gate.

In a few moments, you’ll be in a boiler room with many of Ranrok’s loyalists wandering around. Go invisible and use Petrificus Totalus on them and you should take out the majority of these goblins.  Once vanquished, go to a tunnel on the right to find more chests and bags for gear and gold.

How to exit from It’s All Gobbledegook Quest

Go forward and past the door with the eye on it by turning invisible. In the next room, use Incendio to turn on the power and then go back to the boiler room to use Accio on the chain to the right. An elevator unlocks for you to get back to the entrance.

Before you use it, however, go to the final area of this It’s All Gobbledegook quest and pick up the note from the table. You’ll find out they’re making “enormous drills.” Open up the chest on the right before reporting to Lodgok though.

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