How to flip a Dugbog on its back in Hogwarts Legacy

Perseverance and lots of Wiggenweld Potion

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While exploring the Wizarding World in Hogwarts Legacy, you often have multiple objectives on your radar. Main quests, side quests, Merlin Trials, and resource-gathering aside, you can also accomplish Deulling Feats. These little prompts pop up at random while you face off against an enemy. They’re pretty low on the priority list, but one in particular is too intriguing to pass up. How do you flip a Dugbog onto its back?

Dugbogs are large amphibians that look like a mix between a frog and a lizard. A very large frog and a very large lizard. They can be found in shallow water, next to rivers and bogs. To attack you, they either shoot out their tongue or they charge you with a burst of speed. Despite their intimidating appearance, they aren’t that hard to kill, and unlike some giant spiders, they can’t follow you up into the air. Your reward is their tongue, which is used in the Focus Potion.

How to flip a Dugbog

It should be very simple to flip a Dugbog onto its back. You don’t even need Flipendo. As previously stated, they only have two attacks. However, it took me several tries, and several Wiggenweld potions to nail the timing. Then it took several more attempts to document the success. Look at this chaotic violence!

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When they strike with their tongues, the warning symbol is yellow. When they try to ram into you, the warning symbol is red. Target lock onto the Dugbog you want to flip. You may have to dodge a few tongues and provoke it into chasing you. Dodge the attack and then immediately cast Depulso. The target lock should make sure it lands, but you really only have seconds before Depulso does nothing. A successful flip won’t last long, but it’s satisfying regardless.

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Now you’re ready to start flipping toads. For more help with defeating some of the common enemies in Hogwarts Legacy, check out how to beat an Inferius and how to flip a Troll’s club. May it take you significantly less time to flip a Dugbog than it took me.

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