How to open giant eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy

What were you doing? Sneaaaaking

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Hogwarts Legacy has its own open world RPG quirky chest mechanic: and much like certain Zelda games, one of those involves eyeball containers. Here’s how to outwit them and gather the items inside.

Use Disillusionment to sneak past and open giant eyeball chests

Several hours into the game you’ll acquire the Disillusionment (cloaking) spell to sneak around Hogwarts. Once you’ve earned Disillusionment, you can gather up items in the giant eyeball chests.

All you need to do is move away from the prying eyes of the eyeball chest, and cast Disillusionment. The chest will be at ease, and you can sneak up to it and gather the items inside with the interact button (Square on PlayStation/X on Xbox by default). That’s it! Initially I tried every other offensive spell on the chest to see if I could blind it or confuse it, but sneaking past it does the trick and is extremely easy to trigger.

If you want to try it out yourself and don’t have any chests on hand; we’ve provided the exact location of a giant eyeball chest in the gallery above. You can find it in Hogsmeade, directly above The Magic Neep shop to the northeast.

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