How to find Underground Harbour in Hogwarts Legacy

Underground Harbour Hogwarts Legacy

A well-hidden harbour

One of the cheekiest challenges you’ll come across in the Wizarding World is finding the Underground Harbour in Hogwarts Legacy. Tasked by Professor Weasley, she wants you to find a secluded harbour (or harbor for our American friends) located in Hogwarts.

You’ll need to scour the castle grounds for this weirdly placed Underground Harbour in Hogwarts. Thankfully, this guide will tell you exactly where to find the Underground Harbour in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Underground Harbour Hogwarts Legacy location

Underground Harbour in Hogwarts Legacy Location
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You can find the Underground Harbour in Hogwarts Legacy nearby the Boathouse Floo Flame location. It is under The Great Hall category. You may need to step outside the Viaduct Courtyard and run down the stairs to get to the Boathouse area first.

Regardless, once you head into the Boathouse, you’ll want to ride your broom westward until you find a waterfall. At first, it looks like a dead-end, but the developer Avalanche Software has been quite sneaky. If you look to the left of the waterfall, you’ll find a cave. Descend into the water and swim the way through.

Underground Harbour Hogwarts Legacy Entrance
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You’ll see some overhanging moss as you enter inside. Keep going forward and you’ll find the Underground Harbour waiting for you. The challenge given by Professor Weasley should be completed. There is some treasure nearby, so make sure you cast Revelio to grab everything in the new location like Gear and Gold. Once you’re done, there’s a lift that can be activated. It will take you up to the Viaduct Courtyard.

Learning the Transformation spell

After completing all of Professor Weasley’s frankly easy tasks, head up to the Transfiguration classroom to learn how to use the Transformation spell. It will turn enemies into barrels in combat once used. You can also upgrade the spell under your talents. Once you hit Level 22 and use a talent point, you can turn enemies into explosive objects instead. It’s under the “Spells” section of the talents menu.

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