How to farm Legendary gear from chests in Hogwarts Legacy

There’s a no-so-subtle secret to it

Hogwarts Legacy has a few gamey quirks to it: which is understandable for a gigantic open world project. One of those quirks includes the ability to farm chests for specific gear: including ones of legendary (orange/the highest tier) quality. Here’s how you do it, and why you might be swapping it into your arsenal of tricks from here on out.

You can save the game to reset chest spawns

Let’s set the scene.

There’s a giant chest present like the one pictured above (which is the style chest in question that can be farmed). You open it. A green pops up and that little red arrow lets you know that it’s a downgrade from your current gear. That chest is now gone forever, and you lost your chance at getting anything useful. Welp, there’s a solution for that.

All you need to do is save before opening a big chest, and the loot roll will reset as well. Meaning, you could reload your save, open it again, and get something better. Given how clearly each chest is rendered on-screen, it’s an easy thing to spot and plan for, too. You can do this in any area that has a giant loot chest. In fact, get in the habit of saving before you open any chest: that way if the piece of gear is a straight downgrade (and just vendor fodder), you can at least give the roll another shot. It might end up being better, or even of legendary rarity.

Notice the image above, with the chest in sight. I was able to acquire a legendary piece of gear very early into the game, before I even entered the map chamber, or had the ability to upgrade gear in The Room of Requirement.

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