Who is the developer of Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

Who is the developer of Hogwarts Legacy

An unlikely source

Hogwarts Legacy is a big game, and there are a few developers responsible for its success. Despite a few delays, the game has been praised for its gorgeous recreation of the Wizarding World and engaging narrative.

It also comes from an unlikely source, knowing they have developed tie-in games in the past like Disney Infinity, Meet The Robinsons, and Cars 3: Driven To Win. Here’s everything you need to know about the developer of Hogwarts Legacy. 

The developer of Hogwarts Legacy

Developer of Hogwarts Legacy
Image via WB Games

Despite the Harry Potter series’ British origins, the developer of Hogwarts Legacy Avalanche Software is actually based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s almost as unbelievable as a Seattle-based studio Sucker Punch Productions being the one behind the stunning Japanese setting in Ghost of TsushimaActing as a subsidiary of WB Games, Avalanche took on the Harry Potter property and has made its own storyline within the beloved Wizarding World. Something else to keep in mind is that the author J.K. Rowling had no part in the creation of Hogwarts Legacy, according to the game’s official FAQ.

Avalanche Software’s past games

Disney Infinity Avalanche Software
Image via Disney / Avalanche Software

Avalanche Software began to develop games in 1995 and was founded by John Blackburn. “Our game studio started out as a tight-knit group of friends who made games together,” says the studio’s website. “We’re happy to say that nothing there has changed, except, of course, that we’ve made a few more friends.”

Since then, Avalanche Software has adapted some of the world’s biggest franchises like Toy Story, Rugrats, and Cars. They also developed the cult-classic 3D platforming series Tak on the PS2, GameCube, and Xbox systems.

Disney Infinity is a series that the studio is most recognized for, thought that may now have been crowned by Hogwarts Legacy. It was a part of the toys-to-life genre that brought NFC-chipped figures to life on-screen. Throughout the course of three years Avalanche Software, alongside other developers, released characters and levels inspired by the Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel universes, in addition to Disney.

Sadly, the project was canceled in 2016 after the publisher was shut down by Disney. WB Games soon after picked up the studio as one of its own and published Cars 3: Driven To Win. 

Thankfully, the developer of Hogwarts Legacy Avalanche Software is in better standing and has created a critically acclaimed game. It was also assisted by team members from the following development studios:

  • Warner Bros. Games Montreal
  • Monolith
  • Studio Gobo
  • Two Okes
  • Saber Interactive
  • Eden Industries
  • Krome Studios
  • Tanglewood Games
  • Red Kite Games
  • Sumo Digital
  • D3T
  • Globant
  • Certain Affinity
  • Shiver
  • TT Games
  • Netherealm Studios
  • Warner Bros. Games New York.
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