How to destroy the Orb & beat the Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy

Pensieve Guardian Hogwarts Legacy

A daunting foe

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The Pensieve Guardian is one of the few bosses you’ll encounter in Hogwarts Legacy, and it will test your skills as a witch or wizard in a variety of ways. During the battle there is an orb, that once charged up, can dish out a lot of damage.

There is a way to destroy the orb to make the Pensieve Guardian fight a lot easier. Here’s the step-by-step breakdown on how to beat this mighty boss in the game and succeed in Percival Rackham’s trial boss.

How to blow up the Orb in Hogwarts Legacy

Pensieve Guardian Orb Hogwarts Legacy
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While taking a break from swinging its massive sword towards you and sending out blasts of magic at your face, the Pensieve Guardian will begin to charge up an orb in its hand. Now, take a glance at the color of the orb. Similar to the shields that gather around dark wizards and goblins, whenever you cast a spell of its color toward the enemy, the orb will break. For example, if the Pensieve Guardian’s orb turns yellow, you should use the Arresto Momentum, Glacius, or Levioso spells. If the orb turns purple, Accio or Depulso is the way to go.

Using these spells while the orb is a certain color will cause it to explode and then the Pensieve Guardian is left defenseless as it’s stunned on its knee.

How to defeat the Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy

There are a few attacks you should keep notice of, especially if you’re significantly low on Wiggenweld potions. First is the orb strike. If you’re able to use your spells in time, you shouldn’t have to worry, but it will only take around three to four seconds for the Pensieve Guardian to throw it toward you. On impact, it can take out the majority of your health, so be careful with this particular attack.

When you see the Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy lifting its leg, watch out. Once it stomps the ground, a ripple of purple energy will throttle towards you. Make sure you can dodge it in time. Getting the Swift talent, which lets you briefly vanish out of the way, would be useful for this instance. You can get that in the “Core” section of the “Talents” menu.

Whenever possible, use your Ancient Magic with the two shoulder buttons simultaneously. It will deal significantly more damage to the boss’ health than a regular cast from your wand. Additionally, the Ancient Magic will leave the Pensieve Guardian stunned for a few seconds after impact.

Something else to keep in your back pocket as well is the Glacius spell. It will temporarily freeze the boss in place, giving you valuable time to dodge an incoming attack.

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