Best talents to unlock first Hogwarts Legacy
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Best talents to unlock first in Hogwarts Legacy

You can be an even better wizard, Harry!

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During the first few hours of Hogwarts Legacyyou’ll unlock the talent system, a mechanic that helps improve your spells’ range, UI functionality, and the potions you utilize while battling.

Each time you level up, you’ll gain a talent point that can be assigned one of five categories, which include the Dark Arts, The Room of Requirement, Stealth, Core, and, most obviously, Spells. Here are the best talents to unlock first in Hogwarts Legacy across those five factors.

Best Talents to get first in Hogwarts Legacy

Wiggenweld Potency Hogwarts Legacy
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In Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll want the talents that improve your might in battle quickly. With that in mind, you shouldn’t hesitate to get the Incendio Mastery talent from the “Spells” section. If you’re surrounded in battle, this upgrade will cast a ring of fire around your witch or wizard instead of a little spurt. There aren’t many area-of-effect attacks in Hogwarts Legacy, so this is perfect for those dangerous scenarios. In addition, the Confringo Mastery talent from the same category also spurts fire bolts to nearby enemy targets after the initial shot is sent, adding more ways to keep them off your tail.

Healing is essential in Hogwarts Legacy, and Wiggenweld potions can help you bring your witch or wizard back to fighting shape. The Wiggenweld Potency I talent in the “Core” section boosts the effectiveness of these potions. With this, you don’t have to waste more of your resources on keeping your HP green.

One of the best ways to deal damage in Hogwarts Legacy is to throw items at your foes. That can be done through the Ancient Magic Throw Expertise talent in the “Core” section as well. With this paid for with your talent point, it will launch objects like explosive barrels toward your enemies. At some points, this ability can take out an opponent in one fell swoop. Once you have this unlocked, press the right shoulder button to unleash this devastating skill.

Other Talents to consider

Sense of Secrecy Hogwarts Legacy
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There are some other useful talents you should consider during your Hogwarts Legacy journey. Stealth is a feature that lets you get past foes without conflict. You can do that with the Disillusionment spell. You can upgrade its effectiveness with the Sense of Secrecy I talent in the “Stealth” part of the Talents menu.

In addition, you can make yourself invulnerable by making the Edurus Potion more effective. The Edurus Potion Potency talent lets you be invulnerable after drinking the liquid, and it even deflects your opponent’s spells right back at them. This is from the “Room of Requirement” section in the Talents menu.

Finally, to have more access to your range of spells, you should also consider unlocking the Spell Knowledge talents in “Core.” They’ll let you swap sets of spells on-the-fly, giving you instant access to essential enchantments rather than having to go into the menu every time and swapping out spells.

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