Chess puzzle solution Hogwarts Legacy quest guide

It seems complicated, but only takes a few seconds

Hogwarts Legacy pays homage to the source material once again with a chess puzzle: found within a treasure vault off the Poidsear Coast. Here’s how to find the vault and how to solve the puzzle.

Step 1: Find the chess puzzle in the northeast portion of the Poidsear Coast

Head over to the Poidsear Coast location pictured above, in the southern region of the world map.

Before you go in, note that you will need a few spells to solve this puzzle:

Screenshot by Destructoid

Step 2: Cast Depulso on the two contraptions to enter the vault

If you haven’t seen these contraptions yet, all you need to do is cast Depulso on them to spin them. Push open both contraptions to open the door to the vault.

Step 3: Walk over to the pot and use the Transformation spell on it to turn it into a chess piece

You don’t need to interact with 90% of the chess game at all to solve this puzzle.

Instead, walk to the back left of the room and aim at the pot on the ground. Use the Transformation spell to turn it into a chess piece.

Step 4: Move that piece to checkmate the king, and collect the treasure chest

From there, use Wingardium Leviosa to levitate the piece and move it over to the board. To “beat” the chess match and open the treasure chest in the vault, you’ll need to maneuver the piece to the location highlighted above with the red arrow. Facing the entryway, it’s one of the lower left hand corner spots on the board. This will “checkmate the king” and solve the puzzle.

You may be able to use another open piece (transformed with your Transformation spell) to checkmate the king as well. Aim a Bishop piece diagonally next to the king to solve it that way.

That’s it! Grab your reward and head out.

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