How to bring down your hood in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

Lower hood in Tears of the Kingdom

Help from a fashionista

To bring down your hood in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to finish a branch of quests from fashionista Cece. Hailing from Hateno Village, she is abruptly changing the culture of the once-quiet area. She’ll take you through a few missions as she tries to become mayor of Hateno Village. In return, she’ll offer Link the reward of being able to remove their hood.

How to lower your hood in Tears of the Kingdom

Lower hood in Tears of the Kingdom location
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To reach Cece, you first have to find Hateno Village. It’s located southeast of Kakariko Village and northeast of Lurelin Village shown on the map above. Once you’ve arrived in this quaint neighborhood, go to the first house on the left. There’s a crowd around it. After the commotion is settled, go inside and meet the icon Cece herself. Speak to her. She’ll set you on a mission so Cece is more likely to become mayor. Choose her over the competition, Reede.

As Cece requests, give eight villagers the mushrooms she provides. They’re all over Hateno Village so look far and wide around the fields and inside every building. Other quests like Cece’s Secret will become available to you as well by talking to the villagers. In fact, you’ll need to finish all of these quests below to be able to lower your hood in Tears of the Kingdom: 

How to lower your hood

Once all five quests are completed, for all your hard work, she’ll give you the Cece Hat, in addition to the opportunity to lower your hood in the game. Once the store reopens, go talk to Cece with the Hylian Hood on. “While that is a dashing hood, it might be better to show your face here,” she says.

After she speaks that line, select “Sure, I’ll remove it.” The hood will then be removed, and we can finally see Link’s face. If you want the hood back up, return to Cece and she’ll bring it back up for you.

It’s odd that Link needs Cece to lower his hood for him. Why can’t we do this through the menu? Anyway, this is how to lower your hood in Tears of the Kingdom, despite the tedious, lengthy process.

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