How to complete A New Signature Food quest in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom A New Signature Food guide

I’ve come up with a new recipe!

Hateno Village finds itself torn between the worlds of farming and fashion when Link arrives in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Current mayor Reede needs something new to revitalize the town and bring visitors in towards its agricultural side, and that’s what the quest A New Signature Food is all about in Tears of the Kingdom.

To help Reede out, you’ll actually need to undertake a different quest altogether. But it’s a very worthwhile quest, and the bonuses you get from finishing that one and heading back to Reede with the results are well worth it.

How to start A New Signature Food quest in Tears of the Kingdom

After you kick off the Mayoral Election quest line in Hateno Village by visiting Cece’s shop for the first time, you’ll need to chat with Reede. The easiest place to find him is his house, though he may also wander the village at times.

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Reede will be puzzling over an old story, about how his grandfather worked with someone in the village to create a new signature food for Hateno. They created it, only for it to not really catch on with the residents at that time. Reede will tell you as much, but can’t seem to recall who exactly this was, or what the food was. He just knows that if he smells it, he’ll know it.

How to find A New Signature Food for Hateno Village

If you’ve already been doing side adventures in Hateno, you may already have the answer: Hateno cheese. You’ll need to complete the side adventure A Letter for Koyin, which we’ve already outlined here. You can get the quest started by heading up the hill towards the pasture and finding Koyin by the docks, then follow our quest guide from there to see it through.

Once you’ve recovered the recipe from the lake and helped Koyin open her cheese shop, you can bring the Hateno cheese to Reede, who will immediately recognize the scent.

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Reede will be ecstatic, and will then set off to help Koyin kickstart this new signature food for Hateno Village. Additionally, finishing A New Signature Food will see both the Hateno Village general store and some of the traveling merchants of Hyrule begin to stock cheese amongst their wares, too.

This will also help push the Mayoral Election quest line towards its climax, so make sure to complete this side quest if you’re looking to make some cheese dishes and finish out the Hateno storyline.

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