How to complete Reede’s Secret quest in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom Reede's Secret quest

Sneaking into the secret shed

Even small towns like Hateno Village contain their secrets, and several come to light in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Once the Mayoral Election kicks off, you can undertake quests for each of the candidates. But you can also learn more about them by seeing what they do in private, as you do in the Reede’s Secret quest.

Reede’s Secret is part of the larger Hateno Village quest arc, and much like Cece’s Secret, will see you uncovering something the candidate is hiding. While Cece’s necessitated stealth and secrecy, Reede’s will simply involve some puzzle-solving with your hand powers.

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You can get this quest from Reede’s wife Clavia, who will ask you to find out what her husband is secretly doing in his shed. She notes that he’ll usually be out and about at midday, so you’ll want to sneak in then. You can find their house in Hateno, near the middle of the town where the road forks off for the school.

How to find Reede’s Secret in Tears of the Kingdom

To get into the shed, we’ll need to employ a tactic that’s pretty commonplace in Tears of the Kingdom‘s puzzles: Ascend. The Ascend power will let you get past locked doors pretty frequently, and usually requires you to find a cave or somewhere underground to get underneath your target, then pop out above.

In this case, we can make use of Hateno’s wells, which have quite a few branches and will allow you to get under the shed. While you can head past Reede’s house and go straight to the Hateno Village North Well, we recommend using the Hateno Village West Well. Either one will get you where you need to go, but this one is closer to the junction point you’ll need.

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Ultrahand some rocks out of the way, make your way through the tunnels, and you’ll eventually find a wall of rocks that are breakable. You don’t need to bust them down, however; use Ascend directly in front of the rocks, and it should spit you out into Reede’s shed. You’ll know you’re right when Link pops out into a tiny room with a book on the table.

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Here, you can read about Reede’s efforts to get youth invested in agriculture, inspired by a certain someone else. Now, take the info to Clavia. Simply head out through the door and tell her, and you’ve finished the Reede’s Secret quest. There’s still plenty to do to get ready for the Mayoral Election in Tears of the Kingdom though, from uncovering more secrets to inventing a new recipe.

Heck, you can even go help out Reede’s opponent, if you’d like.

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