If you blow off Kakariko Village in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there’s a secret scene

Zelda Kakariko Village Skip

I just instinctively go there

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Over the years (ha, years!), people have found all sorts of wild Zelda: Breath of the Wild tricks, tips, and secrets. The community never ceases to amaze me, as I’m constantly finding new stuff every month that I’ve never seen in the hundreds upon hundreds of hours I’ve played it across multiple save files. And this one, which involves blowing off Impa in Kakariko Village, is a gem.

Spotted by DanielCharlesworth on Reddit, this one involves taking a detour from Kakariko Village, and never learning about the Divine Beasts, or the tale of Calamity Ganon. You never get that exposition. Instead, if you head to a Divine Beast straight away, Zelda will be the one to tell you all this, telepathically, and in a much quicker format. In the clip, the player approaches the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, and never sees Impa in Kakariko Village.

Here’s the dialogue if you can’t watch the video:

“Link…Link…Link…that Divine Beast was taken over by Ganon 100 years ago. You must find a way inside in order to free it from Ganon’s malice. I believe in you Link.”

Some players are pointing out in the thread that they only found it on their third or fourth playthrough; which is about where you’ll feel comfortable doing everything out of order and tossing Kakariko Village to the side, if not before. It’s also important to note that Vah Ruta is the one that is required to hit first if you want the scene: other Divine Beasts won’t give you the same cutscene treatment.

Another comment points out that there’s extra secret dialogue if you head to the Zora capital without meeting up with Sidon first. This game!

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