How long does it take to beat High on Life?

How long does it take to beat High on Life?

About 10 hours or less

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High on Life, like many shooters before it, hovers around the “10 hours or less” mark. Of course your mileage may vary: but we’ll go over some basics if you want to see whether or not this irreverent shooter is worth your time.

The average playthrough of High on Life will run you 8-10 hours

With a semi-open world shooter (a collection of sandboxes, really), it’s really hard to assess how long it’ll take you to finish it: but it took us roughly eight hours to see the end credits. Stopping to smell the roses a bit will add some time to that clock.

If you absolutely speedrun through and don’t opt for any side content (which will be hard to do, given how many tendrils this game has with jokes and overall silliness): you might be able to finish it in around five hours or so. And hey, if you actually play out the full Douglas waiting game section, you can add an extra hour.

There’s a few more hours you can squeeze out of it if you’re into extras and achievements

After you finish the game you’re free to keep exploring the game world, as the bounty machine in your home will allow you to transport yourself to past areas.

Here’s a small list of things you could go for if you want to hit the “full 100% clear 15-hours-ish” experience:

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