How to open Luglox chests in High on Life

How to open Luglox chests in High on Life 0

You’ll need to find these to buy almost anything

High on Life has a lot of videogamey things in it by design, and one of those mechanics is treasure chests. Luglox chests serve as the loot box of the game; and very early on a tutorial of sorts will tease you with their existence. Here’s how to open them and what’s inside.

You’ll open the Luglox chests with Knifey the knife

To open up chests, you just need to get close to them, and slash them with your knife (the melee button, which is usually the right stick pressed in). You’ll unlock Knifey very early in the game, after you complete your first quest in the slums in Blim City.

You can’t shoot them or destroy them otherwise, as High on Life requires you to be close to them to unlock them. Note that you mostly want to save chests for your post-completion mop-up, but you can also get most of them after getting the jetpack roughly halfway into the game.

What do you get from Luglox chests? Pesos

After opening each chest, it’ll grant you a specific amount of currency: Pesos. You’ll use these to buy basically everything in the game (except Warp Discs), including upgrades for your character and your guns. As you can see in the image above, this particular chest netted me 100 Pesos (upgrades generally run around 1000 Pesos on average).

There aren’t any bags to navigate or equipment you need to worry about: as the game will automatically deposit the Pesos into your character.

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