High on Life secret ending & sequel bait achievement guide

High on Life secret ending & sequel bait achievement guide

It’s an extra ending you can unlock after the core game

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You can tell the team at Squanch Games really likes the medium, as High on Life is loaded with Easter eggs and secrets. One of them is a whole new ending, which just happens to be attached to the sequel bait achievement. Here’s how to find it!

Step 1: Finish the game and use the portal in your house to go to Nova Sanctis – Clugg’s Office

After you finish the game and the credits have rolled, go back home (it’ll transport you back). From there, you’ll use the bounty machine to create a portal to Nova Sanctis: then Clugg’s Office.

This step is simple: grab the keycard off his desk, and return through the portal home. You’ll be using it in the next area.

Step 2: Go back through the portal to return home, and go to Unknown Sector – Human Haven

Interact with the bounty machine one more time: and select Unknown Sector, then Human Haven.

Step 3: Fly to the top of the area you zone into, and use the keycard to open the door

Once you’re there immediately look upward. See those obvious video game platforms? Fly up there with your jetpack, then use them to continue upward. After you get to level that has a hallway, you’ll be able to use your keycard from Clugg’s Office on the door.

As soon as you enter this door, the sequel bait achievement will unlock. Use the Sweezy gun’s alternate fire to stop the fans in the next few rooms: and just walk to the end of the hallway and follow where the storyline takes you.

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