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13 best songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, ranked

Fly in the Freedom with these tracks.

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The quality of The Blue Blur’s games might be hit or miss, but one thing that’s consistent with the Sonic the Hedgehog series is its outstanding music. Some of the best Sonic songs excite us as blast through each stage at supersonic speed, battle bosses, and gaze at the wonderful visuals surrounding the hedgehog.

From fully vocal tracks like “Escape from the City” to the nostalgic 16-bit themes of “Green Hill Zone,” there are practically hundreds of compositions to choose from for this list. And so, chilli dog in hand, let’s listen to the 13 best Sonic songs in the series’ history.

NOTE: These Spotify embeds can be loud! You may want to turn down the volume before hitting play.

13. “His World” – Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

Epic orchestral sweeps, cheesy (but entertaining) rapping, and powerful vocals make “His World” one of the best Sonic songs in history. You also have the gritty guitar in the background keeping up with the intensity of the track. It also has its own satisfying guitar solo that keeps your head bashing up and down. “Come and light the fuse, he’s a rocket,” and we’re ready to go, even if Sonic ’06 isn’t enjoyable for many.

12. “Undefeatable” – Sonic Frontiers

I wouldn’t generally associate metal with the Sonic the Hedgehog series, but “Undefeatable” is perfect for Sonic Frontiers. While it plays, you’re in an intense boss battle against Giganto, an enemy that’s 100x the size of our hero. The battle is frenetic and coincides well with the intensity of the metal guitar and harsher vocals. Kellin Quinn’s performance, however, brings out the charming lyrics of having “no fear” and “I am undefeatable,” despite Sonic’s low odds of winning.

11. “Open Your Heart” – Sonic Adventure

Crush 40’s “Open Your Heart” is a rocking main theme for Sonic Adventure. The exciting rush of the electric guitar and thunderous drums all come together to create a riveting song for the Blue Blur. The lyrics help open our hearts to the main protagonist as he faces a new challenge in this game. The words perfectly set the stage for a slightly darker take on the series. The guitar solo is also a highlight.

10. “Fly in the Freedom” – Sonic Adventure 2

I love jazz, and “Fly In The Freedom” is a fantastic theme. Acting as Rouge’s character theme, this catchy composition has stunning vocals, a riveting bassline, and an exciting brass section during its middle section. The vibes provided by this piece remind me of Jamiroquai’s wonderfully chill ’00s tracks like “Virtual Insanity” and “Seven Days In Sunny June.” Regardless, the lyrics and overall tone of the track fit the character of Rouge well in Sonic Adventure 2

9. “Reach for the Stars” – Sonic Colors

“Reach for the Stars” is pure excitement jarred into a song. Whenever you hear this track, you’re hyped to play the game. The drum roll encapsulates Sonic’s speed, while the playful guitar keeps the song moving forward. The lyrics are uplifting, as Sonic is “not looking back, not giving up, not letting go, and [keeps] on running.” If you ever go to a Sonic the Hedgehog concert, every fan would know the lyrics to this track; that’s how beloved it is.

8. “Seaside Hill” – Sonic Heroes

Some of the best Sonic songs are purely instrumental pieces, and that is the case with Sonic Heroes’ “Seaside Hill.” It sounds like a peppy rock anthem with electrifying guitar solos and tasty bass in the background. The drums are also a notable highlight, with the track welcoming you to the game’s first stage with its bright energy and upbeat tone.

7. “Endless Possibility” – Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed was a new exciting step for the series because of the “Boost” formula. This song helped push this game into the stratosphere with the Sonic fanbase. Its charming lyrics, rocky melody, and overall melody are such a delight to listen to.

This live version, taken from the 30th-anniversary celebration, also includes full orchestral backing, which makes the song even more epic. I love the guitar solo peaking as the track reaches its final minute. I blast this song whenever I feel down in the dumps because it reminds me there are all sorts of possibilities out there in the world.

“I feel so free,” is the vibe captured after listening to “Endless Possibility.”

6. “Chemical Plant Zone (Act 1)” – Sonic The Hedgehog 2

I’m sorry in advance, as this Sonic the Hedgehog 2 song will now be stuck in your head for hours, if not days. This jazzy 16-bit piece has so much personality with its horn tones, satisfying deep rhythms, and ’90s AF synth drumming. Like so many of Sonic‘s 16-bit soundtracks, Chemical Plant Zone is a blast from the past and will have you bopping your head to and fro whenever you hear it.

5. “Live & Learn” – Sonic Adventure 2

OH YEAH! Here we go. That guitar riff at the beginning instantly gets you hyped. Just like “Seaside Hill” from Sonic Heroes, the guitar and bass in “Live & Learn” are a phenomenal marriage, and the awesome drums are the Best Man/Woman/Person. They play off each other so well. The vocals have an awesome growl to them as well, giving “Live & Learn” an almost metal edge.

4. “Lights, Camera, Action! – Studiopolis Zone (Act 1)” – Sonic Mania

It’s hard to replicate the classics, but somehow Tee Lopes more than nailed the sound font and atmosphere that the original Sonic the Hedgehog games established, when they composed Sonic ManiaThis piece, from Studiopolis boasts an exciting and entertaining melody, with 16-bit style background bass, and some stirring piano. You really get that vibe of glitz and glamour of the zone within the music, as well as some tasty jazz segments.

3. “Spring Yard Zone (Act 1)” – Sonic the Hedgehog

Jazz music and Sonic the Hedgehog are like curry and fries. You wouldn’t think they’d work together, but man, they’re simply amazing as a duo. This piece is an absolute jam with a memorable orchestration of the 16-bit sound font.

The “deeper” sound that’s often criticized from the Sega Genesis is actually a plus here, providing much character to the song. The major part of the melody is intriguing, featuring a triangle-like chimes that sounds similar to collecting one of the in-game rings. The sparkling nature of the track reflects Spring Yard’s “amusement park” vibe, and has ensured it a place in the playlist of many of Sonic fan.

2. “Escape from the City” – Sonic Adventure 2

Composers Ted Poley and Tony Harnell completely nailed this track, and it’s one of the best Sonic songs, period. As Sonic rides a skateboard down the San Francisco-like city with “places to go,” this track exudes that ’00s punk vibe perfectly. The lyrics are catchy, the instrumentals from the drums and guitar are glorious, and there’s even a neat reference to another track (“Live & Learn”) in the song.

The singer’s vocals are dynamic and excitable, just like Sonic himself, whenever action and danger beckons. This iconic track is not only a great theme for Sonic Adventure 2, but also a trademark identity piece for The Blue Blue himself.

1. “Green Hill Zone (Act 1)” – Sonic The Hedgehog

This is the song that introduced me to video games. I remember vividly listening to this music, seeing the bright green grass and shimmering blue visuals from the waterfalls of Green Hill Zone. I was enamored by the world on screen. You have my uncle to blame for my interest in gaming ever since. 31 years after the game’s release, however, it still strikes a chord with practically every single video game fan around the world.

The composition is gorgeous with wonderful higher-pitched instruments matched with the deep, deep notes of the percussion. The transitions between each major part of the song are also striking as it constantly changes your expectations of what a 16-bit song can be like. This track is like a warm hug from my childhood. It’s one of the best Sonic songs ever, instantly recognizable from generation to generation

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