Nier: Automata, Ghostrunner, and Undertale are August’s PlayStation Now games

The power of Sans Undertale in the cloud

It’s a new month, which means a new batch of games is coming to PlayStation Now, Sony’s cloud gaming service. And for August 2021, it’s a pretty solid lineup of games worth playing: Nier: AutomataGhostrunner, and Undertale.

An obvious standout is Nier: Automata, the action-RPG and sci-fi follow-up to Nier. It follows androids 2B and 9S as they fight machines and deal with some hefty existential dread. Following the multiple endings through to their conclusion and seeing the true credits roll was a lot of fun with this one, and it’s definitely worth some time to experience it for yourself.

Both Nier: Automata and Undertale, another game on this month’s PlayStation Now lineup, are some of my favorites of the last five or so years. Undertale is the game that everyone has heard about, and so I won’t beat you over the head with how incredible it is, or how deep its online community goes, or why Undyne rules. It’s a game about a human that falls down a hole and finds themselves in a world of monsters, and must choose to befriend them or annihilate them to get home. If that sounds good, give it a shot.

Ghostrunner is the one on here I haven’t personally played, but everything I’ve seen of it makes it look rad as heck. A first-person parkour game where you can dodge bullets and run on walls sounds like a fun time.

All three games will be available to play tomorrow, Aug. 3, on PlayStation Now-compatible devices. Sony also recently confirmed August’s PlayStation Plus titles, after they leaked out a little bit early. Hunter’s Arena: Legends is coming to both PlayStation 5 and PS4, while Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and Tennis World Tour 2 are the PlayStation 4 PS Plus titles for the month.

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