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Terminus est; SNK ends support for Neo-Geo

Jun 04
// Earnest Cavalli
Seventeen years after its release, SNK Playmore has announced they will be ending support for their Neo-Geo home console, and its accessories. Apparently it has become too difficult to obtain replacement parts for the aging ...

MSX and Neo-Geo games to be on Virtual Console

Feb 23
// Chad Concelmo
Now, I can’t read Japanese very well (translation: at all), but I did manage to catch the English words MSX and Neo-Geo amongst a sea of non-Roman characters on Nintendo’s official website.Wh...

Free SNK Trucker hats - winners update

Dec 01 // Niero Desu
FATAL FURY HAT WINNERS:Please send an email with your username to [email protected] with the subject line HUDSON-CONTEST with (1) your username and (2) mailing address. Please send it from the email address you have registered in your profile so that our weapons of distrust can verify your identity. Chris TaranSpongBrosSummaHarassment PandaChronotrigger913IshaanFuzzoofPatternJaworskyVigorKyle GamgeeLight throwerFaith2buckchucksome_dudeRDXblaked569entragerprotoknucklessenryokumiller_DeusPayneshadow300zMabecbigpixelsorangestickmanfrogmanTheplanmanNetphantomkaykahanddymanPutthebottledownLeeMonson of marxLodintikkidoodoobrownfronzchezboskiantimat3rdigweed13xmetninjaxtalon84datarefugeautomaticzensnaileblord satoriousvegetajizonizero_toloWe will sooon be pimping your cranium, Terry Bogard style. But don't thank me -- ok, maybe thank me a little and send me dirty pictures, but it was Hudson that hooked it up. Why? Well genius, they're promoting the release of Fatal Fury 2 for your cellphone. Isn't that nuts? A NeoGeo game on a cell! Mega Shock!  

We have a winner's list!  Hit the full story to see if you made the cutoff and how to get your hat in the mail pronto. If you were fast enough to score a hat, you can complete in part 2 of the contest! Send us the mo...


Retro gaming dream machines on Racketboy

Jun 28
// Niero Desu
Does the mere sight of a Neo Geo still give you a chubby in the pants to this day? If so, you'll enjoy this article on Racketboy which chronicles the top 10 video games systems of the last decade which were by all means a...

Amazing King of Fighters Combo Vid. Speakers UP! Crazy Japanese rock incoming

May 24
// Niero Desu
This video makes me want to force myself to learn to like that game again :) The director left a note: the song is "Rosier" by japanese rock band Luna Sea. Hell yeah we googled that for you! They are on MySpace.

Streets of Rage + KOF = New Beat' Em' Up!

Apr 21
// Niero Desu
Thought I'd wrap up Friday by giving you a homebrew to try this weekend. "Beats of Rage" is based on the 16-bit Genesis game Streets of Rage, Sega's then answer to Final Fight. Off topic - I remember Sega trying to pass o...

Emulation: The Benevolent Pirates of MAME

Apr 17
// Niero Desu
MAME, as many of you know, is the bomb. It is the mother of all emulators, and if it were a lady, the mother of my children (sorry Cath, we go way back). This multi-system software specializes in Arcade games, allowing yo...

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