How to complete Timewalking dungeons in WoW Dragonflight

It’s as easy as queuing up and doing them

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Timewalking dungeons in World of Warcraft and roulettes in Final Fantasy XIV are a wonderful way to keep old content relevant. WoW Dragonflight is bringing back the system, and there are some significant rewards attached to it this time around. Here’s how to find Timewalking dungeons, and the weekly quest associates with them.

What are Timewalking dungeons?

Simply put, Timewalking is a mode that allows players to take on past dungeons, while “scaling down” players (power-wise) to force them to actually deal with more dungeon mechanics, instead of bypassing them with higher end gear.

It kicked off during the Warlords of Draenor expansion (which fit with the whole time traveling theme), and it stuck.

How to earn Timewalking/Timewarped badges in WoW Dragonflight

Badges can be earned by completing Timewalking dungeons (10), as well as defeating individual bosses (five each). You’ll get a bonus of 10 badges for doing a random dungeon.

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Where to find World of Warcraft‘ sTimewalking badge vendors

Legion – Dalaran (Aridormi, 68.5, 48.6)

Draenor – Ashran (Kronnus [Horde], 43.5, 55.2 | Tempra [Alliance] 37.5, 72)

Pandaria – Timeless Isle (Mistweaver Xia, 43, 55)

Cataclysm – Orgrimmar (Kiatke [Horde] 52.2, 41.5) | Stormwind (Kiatke [Alliance], 75.2, 19.5)

Wrath – Crystalsong Forest (Auzin, 50.2, 45.3)

Burning Crusade – Shattrath (Cupri, 54.5, 39)

Where to find Timewalking dungeons, and the weekly Savage Path Through Time questline

To queue up for Timewalking dungeons in Dragonflight, open the group finder menu (“I” by default), then go to the regular dungeon finder tab, and select “random Timewalking dungeon.”

Before you do anything, make sure you pick up the “A Savage Path Through Time” quest in Valdrakken, which is a weekly activity (complete 5/5 Timewalking dungeons). The NPC you’ll want to speak to is Kazra (coordinates 49, 60), the Drakonid that’s lifting weights in the square near the fountain. You’ll get a Cache of Vault Treasures out of it, amid the regular rewards.

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How to get the Cache of Vault Treasures in WoW Dragonflight

Completing the weekly quest will net you a cache of vault treasures, which “rewards a piece of equipment for your loot specialization.”

Translation: you’ll get a piece of gear from the Vault of the Incarnates raid (no tiered gear).

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