Zygarde’s final form in Pokemon Sun & Moon is a giant mech

OK, OK I feel this

[Update: You can check out two new Pokemon in the gallery below as well, as revealed by way of CoroCoro Magazine.]

We’ve known that Pokemon X & Y‘s Zygarde had five forms for some time, including its final mecha form, but now we get to see it in action by way of official game footage. Yep, in addition to a cellular tadpole, a tiny snake thing, a dog, and the typical snake form, it’s also a super fighting robot. The latter is set to debut in Pokemon Sun & Moon later this year.

I’ve always thought these “form/formes” concepts were a little weird, mostly because they take up the same slot in the Pokedex. Whenever a new alteration comes out I get all antsy that I haven’t discovered it yet.

But hey, Zygarde basically collects dust in my boxes at the moment, so I’ll spring at the chance to go all Gundam on other trainer’s asses.

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