You are to blame for the price of the 3DS

So, Nintendo announced yesterday that the 3DS would be priced at 25,000 Yen when it launches in Japan this year. According to Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, it’s your fault that the price is what it is, as your reaction to the system helped Nintendo conjure up the cost.

Satoru says that a lot of factors went into the pricing of the 3DS, but fan reaction after E3 was chief among them. Ostensibly, everybody’s excitement for the handheld let Nintendo know they could jump up the price a bit. It’s all your fault! Next time, tell Nintendo they suck and we’ll all get stuff for cheap!

Seriously though, I’m pretty stoked for the 3DS and anything under $300 seems like a fair price to me, considering all that the system does. Nintendo doesn’t do exact Yen-to-Dollar conversion, so don’t expect the 3DS to be a straight $300. I’m still crossing my fingers for $250, because that, to me, seems perfect. 

What about you? How high would you go for one of these?

Don’t like the 3DS price? Well it’s your damn fault! [Andriasang]

Jim Sterling