Win A Boy & His Blob, plus an art book, right now (day 3)

It’s day three of the big, fat, wobbly, sexy, delicious, erotic A Boy & His Blob giveaway. Yet another day brings yet another copy of the game, plus a delightful art book, which we shall award to a lucky reader who can prove he’s handy with the F5 key.

Tragy took yesterday’s prize. I’ll be collecting shipping details at the end of the week, so stick around on Friday for that! Once again, the bar’s being raised for the third prize. Yesterday you needed 1,000 comments. Now you need 1,500. The poster of the 1,500th comment (who hasn’t won yet, of course), will get a copy of A Boy & His Blob, plus an art book.

Remember, These games will be PAL version. Yes, while most of our contests unfortunately exclude Europeans, this contest will be shipping prizes from the UK! European readers finally get some payback! If you’re in the US, you can still enter, but be warned that the game won’t work on an NTSC Wii. Enter at your own risk.

You can comment as many times as you like, so feel free to increase your chances!

First to 1,500 wins! Good luck!

James Stephanie Sterling