Where to catch Unicorns in Unicorn dens Hogwarts Legacy

You can get more than one, too

With all of the beasts taking up space in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s easy to completely miss some of them: the Unicorn included. Here’s where to find them.

A Unicorn den can be found north of Hogwarts, in the Forbidden Forest

After you’ve picked up the ability to capture beasts from Deek in The Room of Requirement, head north of Hogwarts into the Unicorn Den marked on the map in the gallery above: west of Upper Hogsfield, on the border of Hogsmeade Valley.

If you’re in the early game, sneaking up on the Unicorn with Disillusionment and using Levioso will help you capture it. If you have the Arresto Momemtum spell, cast it, then catch the Unicorn with ease: it’s one of the best ways to capture any beast quickly.

That’s it! After you nab a Unicorn you can get more by resetting the den (use the wait system).

Can you breed Unicorns in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, you can breed Unicorns! Although it seems rare enough, unlike the Phoenix, there are multiple Unicorns in the Hogwarts Legacy universe.

You just need to get both types of Unicorns together and you can breed them freely in your Room of Requirement.

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