How to wait & advance time of day in Hogwarts Legacy

Open up the map

I feel like I’ve said this a lot, but Hogwarts Legacy borrows from many, many other open world games in terms of basic genre mechanics. One of those is a button/sequence to change the time of day! Here’s how to change from night to day or day to night in Hogwarts Legacy.

Why would you need to change the time of day in Hogwarts Legacy?

Select quests will not trigger unless you’re at the specified location during a certain time of day. The biggest example of time of day locks deals with classes: as most teachers do not meet with students at night, and the vast majority of Hogwarts Legacy classes are held during the day.

Also, you may just want to roam the grounds of Hogwarts and beyond during the morning or the dead of night. Note that some ingredients also thrive during different periods of the day.

Screenshot by Destructoid

Open the map and press R3 to shift from day to night, or vice-versa

It’s subtle, but you can see the “R3, wait” symbol in the lower portion of the screen when opening up the map.

All you need to do is press in said button and the game will prompt you for a yes or no confirmation. Changing the time of day doesn’t really do anything bad per se directly: but objects around you may change after the shift, so a confirmation is welcome!

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