How to catch the Phoenix beast in Hogwarts Legacy

You can’t miss it, and there’s only one

Ah the majestic Phoenix. Beloved by all, strong, powerful, and beautiful. You probably want one, don’t you? Well, here’s how to get one in Hogwarts Legacy. The good news is that it’s not particularly difficult, and it’s tough to miss.

You’ll catch the Phoenix through The Room of Requirement questline Phoenix Rising

Although you would expect catching a Phoenix to involve some sort of super tough postgame activity: you’ll actually get it through a core questline dealing with The Room of Requirement. After you complete The Elf, The Nab-Sack, And The Loom (full guide here) and have the Helm of Urtkot main quest in the bag, you can partake in the quest Phoenix Rising from Deek, which will lead you directly to the big red bird.

Follow the marker on the map southeast of Hogwarts (exact location in the gallery above) and enter the cave (grab the nearby Floo Flame spot if you haven’t already). What follows is a very straightforward quest that involves cutting down some webs with fire spells to progress (Confringo is the easiest one to use), and taking out poachers. At the end of the linear tunnel, you’ll have the chance to capture the Phoenix in your sack. Go back to The Room of Requirement and turn the quest in.

After you finish the quest you’ll also unlock the last Vivarium for beasts to live in: the Grassland location.

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Can you breed a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy?

Since the only unique Phoenix in the game is acquired through the questline, you cannot breed another one.

With a nearly complete file under my belt (including side content), I haven’t come across any other Phoenix beasts. If that changes (be it through DLC or some other means), we’ll update this article.

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