How to increase the Vivarium species limit in Hogwarts Legacy

No, but you can be smart about where you put certain beasts

Hogwarts Legacy‘s beast system is a little finnicky, especially near the start. At first, you’ll only unlock one Vivarium (which is kind of like a pocket dimension zoo in your Room of Requirement) for them to live in. Eventually, you’ll unlock four in total. Although you cannot increase the species limit in Hogwarts Legacy, there are things you can do to try and get around it.

How to unlock the Forest Vivarium

The Forest Vivarium is the first location you’ll unlock to house your beasts, following a lengthy tutorial of the beast mechanic. You’ll come across this quest via The Room of Requirement after you finish your first beast class.

The way Vivariums work is that you can technically hold 12 beasts at a time, but they can only be from three different species. In other words, if you had a Puffskein, a Niffler, a Kneazle, and a Thestral in the same Vivarium, you couldn’t hold any more of any other kind of species there. However, you could use 12 creatures from those four aforementioned species.

One of the key things to keep in mind is that you should generally have both creature genders represented in each Vivarium, so you can breed them. Memorizing which creatures go in which Vivarium is going to make things a lot easier, especially when you draw upon your beast inventory to populate these Vivariums.

Because of that, I keep low key basic animals (like the ones in the gallery above) in the Forest Vivarium.

How to unlock the Coastal Vivarium

  • Quest unlock requirement: The Plight of the House-Elf

The Coastal Vivarium is where I generally store my rarer creatures, including Hippogriffs and The Lord of the Shore.

How to unlock the Swamp Vivarium

  • Quest unlock requirement: Foal of the Dead

Putting the Mooncalf, Thestrals, and Toads in the Swamp Vivarium is a no-brainer. Thestral and Mooncalf beasts thrive in darkness, so putting them here will make things easier to remember.

How to unlock the Grassland Vivarium

  • Quest unlock requirement: Phoenix Rising

The Grassland Vivarium is the last one you’ll acquire, and I place smaller birds here (as they have plenty of room to fly around). Once you’ve unlocked this final Vivarium, you’ll be able to house 16 total species in your Room of Requirement at a time.

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