Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

whatcha been playing ghostrunner hel

The Snow. She is Coming.

Hello friends, and welcome to a particularly chilly episode of Whatcha Been Playing? I hope that you’re all having a fine holiday and that the Thanks/Friendsgiving Turkey/Turkee Day festivities have afforded you at least one extra day off. If not, never fear, you can always cheer yourself up with some pointless Black Friday tat. I myself picked up a microphone and well, a couple of Blu-Rays… I don’t have the need for anything else really. Of note, it is also freezing here in Blighty, with chilly winds and low-pressure headaches suggesting a coming blanket of white. Winter is on its way, so I hope ya’ll be keeping warm.

Winter Ninja

Still busy at work, adapting to ways and helping to onboard some brand new Destructoid talent. Exciting times. I haven’t had much time for gaming, outside of playing for work. I have been running rampant through the Project HEL DLC for the awesome Ghostrunner. But lordy, am I rusty at the game. I feel like I’ve never played it before and the muscle memory is long gone.

This has been happening to me more and more lately. I used to be fantastic at Cuphead, real slick. But when the Delicious Last Course dropped, it was like I was playing with my eyes closed. Gaming most certainly isn’t like riding a bike, and, (at my age), you either commit to a game until you have it 100% down, or you take a month out and it’s back to square one. And if you don’t buy that, then I got a Guilty Gear Strive W/L record that you might wanna take a look at. Will I dare load up Celeste ever again?

Come in from the Cold

Anywhoo, that’s enough from yer old pal Moysey, now it’s your turn. Before you head on out into the final weekend of November, please take a minute to jump into the colleagues and let your fellow community friends Whatcha Been Playing. There’s not only a few major new releases out on the market now, but there’s very little time to cram those 2022 classics into selection for the coming Game of the Year season. But whatever you’re playing, old or new, we want to hear about it. So spread the love, spread the joy, and spread me a slice of Nutella toast, ‘cos it’s breakfast time.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid. Oh, and don’t forget to tell the community what you’re thankful for in my personal holiday article.

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