Uh, Nintendo? There are now 54 face plates for the New 3DS

Might want to think about slowing down

Nintendo is showing off even more face plates for the New 3DS and, jeez, there’s now more than 50 designs announced. Take a look. See anything you like?

Out of the new set, my favorite is the Boo theme (No. 50) but a shout out to K.K. Slider (No. 41) is also in order. Excluding the Yo-kai Watch face plate (No. 54), which releases in Japan on December 13, the rest are scheduled for November 11.

It’s a common sentiment, I’m sure, but I’ll say it anyway: too bad the New 3DS XL doesn’t support swappable face plates. As much as I like the designs, if and when I upgrade, I want the big screen.

If you haven’t poked around the Japanese New 3DS website, I encourage you to. Look at this!

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