This week in the Community: When the cat was away

This week’s setup belongs to garison. He has a nice collection of consoles, rare Nintendo themed PEZ heads, a ton of magazines and plenty of games. He has a good collection of some rare games too. Best of all, he has a little sign on his wall by his setup that says “Garison’s blog”. Check out his blog for more pictures of his setup.

The cat was away for the most part all last week. Still, I somehow pulled myself away from my vacation and decree of no Internet while in Miami to find the highlightable blogs. After the jump is two weeks worth of highlights from the Destructoid community. 

Check out ekoala2002’s paper clip Mario Kart toy. That’s a lot of bending. He also made this Animal Crossing egg monster thingy.

Okay, GrumpyTurtle loves to draw. Here are all the links to his art blogs: 03/09, 03/10, 03/11, 03/12, 03/13, 03/17, 03/18, 03/19.


Damn Samit, you looking fine!

.tiff was on a Podcast recently. Go check it out! And OMG Sheir made a blog!

Destructoid discussed iconic games with guests Steel Squirrel, Randombullseye, UnstoppableJuggernaut, and EternalDeathSlayer. The following week, Destructoid Community discussed Destructoid for the third-year anniversary. 

Mxyzptlk unboxed the prize pack he won from the Blitz 2 contest. FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
GamingGoddess tells us the truth about gamer girls.
Here’s a preview of the game Anthony Burch is developing. It is very pretentious. 
Bwark-Kupa (formally Krow) is making a FAILCAST game. Or something. I’m not sure, honestly. 
sylphx has wrapped up filming on the live action Persona movie he was working on. I can’t wait to see it even though I won’t understand one bit of it as I’ve never played the Persona games. 
Togail shows us some more of his amazing art with this Leviathan piece from Final Fantasy VIII
Phallus Knife Fight wins at Destructoid staff fan art. I’m going to have nightmares for the rest of my life!
Want to play some Killzone 2 with other Dtoiders? Then hit up Takeshi to join in on the fun!
Technophile is putting in some major work in the Forums. Check out his Dev Blog to keep up with all the updates Techno is working on.
FAILCAST episode 30 with special guest Anthony Burch. 
BFeld13 found out the truth about Brad Nicholson.
Birthday blogs! bluexy made Destructoid and staff in MSPaints!
EX35 made the Destructoid staff in Rock Band!
Holy win! pendelton21 wants to get a Destructoid tattoo! 
NihonTiger90 made epic credits
Phallus Knife Fight wants me to molest Niero … maybe. 
CaptainBlue loves Niero
EarthbounderNess is … just … wow
As for the rest of the birthday blogs, just check out the C Blog recaps for them. I lost my mind trying to recap every single “ten things you didn’t know about me” meme and this highlights post is going to be long enough as it is!
lordoftheoats made a Playfire group for Destructoid. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!
DtoidSanFrancisco knows how to party!
pheonix-blood needs your help! She needs quotes for something she’s working on so send her stuff!
Dtoid party representing, yo!
When the cat is away, Coonskin 05 comes out to play
Our very own Guagloves went up against Tina Sanchez and Richard Li from 1Up in some Street Fighter IV. 
Here are a bunch of HAWP related animated gifs, one of which RAB has been jerking off to every single night. 
The comments on this post are made of win … and HTML. 
Near New York? Then join the DtoidNewYork group!
Silverhertz turned his children book page into a wallpaper for all to enjoy! Thanks, Silverhertz!
kitae wants to know what the best sniper rifles in videogames are. Be sure to reply as she’s actually working on Mass Effect 2 and this question is related to the development of the game OMG!
Happy birthday wishes go out to Azereki, PappaDukes, Niero, business, welkstar, Senisan82, Dr Moo, fade away, Jared Rea, Frank Howley and kaciesaurus!

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