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Dtoid Community Discusses pt 10: Iconic Games

Time for the tenth edition of Dtoid Community Discusses! This week we have a whopper of a discussion about iconic games. There are tons of videogames out on the market, but only a few that can even be considered iconic games. As usual, here is the prompt I sent out to the panel:

"There are some games that we as gamers might consider 'iconic', by which I mean games that will always stand the test of time and games that we think of at the forefront of our minds when we think of gaming. Regardless of whether you like these games, for some reason, the gaming community as a whole has decided games such as Super Mario 64, God of War, Halo, etc. should be practically worshipped because of their quality.

But do some of these games really deserve this status? What makes an iconic game? Is it possible to just decide that 'my game will be loved by the greater gaming community' or is it just something that happens?"

The panel this week consists of UnstoppableJuggernaut, Steel Squirrel, Randombullseye, and EternalDeathSlayer. Read on to find out what they thought!

FFVII....An iconic RPG


As for what makes a game iconic, in my mind it's not always the game that was the first in its genre or the first to do something. To me it's the first one that did it right or made it popular. Sure, there were FPS games before Halo on consoles, and some were even kind of popular, but the genre certainly wasn't the most popular one like it is now. Or like some of you mentioned, Alone in the Dark created the survival-horror genre, but it was Resident Evil that refined it and brought it to the masses, whether through being a better game or even better marketing. If you ask somebody who games for an example of survival horror, their answer is generally Resident Evil. That brings me to another point: If you ask a gamer, hardcore or casual, for an example of the genre or something like that, what's the first game that comes to mind? It's like when they do those studies and people are asked what their first thought is when they hear the words "video games". The answer is almost always Nintendo and Mario. So when thinking of what constitutes an iconic game, I consider those types of things.


I would honestly say when I�m asked about games the first thing that comes to my mind is Half Life. That game had a huge impact on me, and how I played games and really got me into gaming with others. I played the hell out of Half Life on LAN and then online with my PC back in the late 90's early 2000's but that�s just me.


I like video games. While there are some that stand out as being iconic, the reasons for that status differ from person to person. Mario World and Mario 64 might mean more to someone five years younger or ten years younger than me than say Super Mario Brothers means to me or a person five years older than myself thinks of Donkey Kong. See what I'm saying? To some new generation out there, Mario Galaxy is iconic. Sort of like how Dragon Warrior means more in Japan. I could go on and on though.

Steel Squirrel

Here's a final thought from me:

To me, iconic games are any games that are made to near perfection and more often that not, introduce something new and exciting to us. These games bring unique ideas to the table or raise the bar in sound design, writing, visuals, gameplay, etc. for a certain genre. They are games that leave such an impact, that people can't imagine new games in the genre not having the features or contributions these iconic games introduced. Different types of gamers will have different tastes in games, and therefore different favorites, I agree. However, there are games that come out every so often that just shouldn't be missed and cannot be ignored if you are a gamer, period. To me, those are iconic games.


Personally, in the end is doesn't matter if we can consider a game iconic or if it's perceived that way by the mainstream public or anything of the sort. If I loved a game and remember it as being great, that's all that matters. I could care less if the gaming press or society in general approves of a game; If I think it's great, then I'm happy. I play game to have fun, not to have my purchases or memories validated by other people. So while I appreciate and am happy there are games we can actually consider "iconic", in the end I'm just happy we have games that are actually that awesome. I'm glad I get to be a gamer and play them. That's all that matters to me.


Well thats all for this week's discussion! Hope you enjoyed reading, and see you again next week!

Also, if you guys have any ideas for things you'd like to see discussed or would like to be on a future panel, send me a message on the Dtoid PM, or email me at tactixpimp at gmail.com!
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