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Dtoid Community Discusses pt 11: Destructoid

Its Destructoid’s and Niero’s Birthday today, and to celebrate, I’ve decided to put together a very special Dtoid Community Discusses! I was originally going to take the week off because of all the birthday C-blogs that I knew were going to be placed on this day, but then, late Friday night, got the idea to do our own birthday blog! For this discussion, our panel consists of everyone who has been on a previous discussion, and I sent them out a simple, one-word discussion topic.


Read on to see what they had to say!


There is a niche for everyone and everyone has their niche and I for one think Destructoid has given gamers of a particular leaning a place they can go for interests and discussion relevant to themselves. An area where they can talk to others that just "get it" and they don't have to explain themselves over and over so they understand. People of a like mind and like nature, even if that nature is skewed and bizarre, you will find solace there at Destructoid.

It's not just a place about gaming or game related material. Instead its about the people and community built up around gaming and what they enjoy about it and want to share with others. Swapping stories, random thoughts, ideas, and dreams with people who can relate to it in some degree. Then call you gay. Lol, but really Destructoid has become that place we can all navigate to in the comfort of knowing there will be something there for us and a place for us too no matter how odd we think ourselves it is guaranteed there is someone several degrees moreso and will welcome you with open.......well let's not get into details there.


Amo a destructoid :)

(hey, I'm in miami, i could be on the pool but instead i'm sending you this)


Destructoid is a lot of things to a lot of people, and while it is first and foremost a website, it runs much deeper than that to me. To me, Destructoid is an extended, long-distance family. I think of a ton of Dtoiders not as people I met on the internet, but real-life friends that live too far away from me so I can't see them often. Destructoid "the videogame website" is pretty cool, but Destructoid "the place where I can talk to my friends" is what keeps me coming back.


Destructoid is, like Greg said, a family to me, and I think of them much in the same way they do. But more than that, they are the friends I was never lucky enough to have in high school, the people who actually look at me and say, "Hey, you're a pretty cool guy." As a nerdy little outcast in high school, I never really had that, and now I have a sense of home no matter where I am in the world.

It's also my place to talk about games where I otherwise would not and have real, in-your-face engagement. I have been told by several people that I should really go out on my own, start my own blog, leave Destructoid's C-Blog Hell behind. But the truth is, I can't quit you guys. I could never in a million years get the same kind of feedback and discussion on my own site or anyone else's than I can here on Dtoid. Yes, secretly deep down inside, I blog because I hope one day one of those front page editor positions opens up and I can cram my little ass in there, but even if that never happened, even if that wasn't a reason, I'd still blog because Dtoid makes it worth doing.


My excuse was that I was partying all weekend :P

I think the big thing for the people who are invested in DToid is that the place is more than a website. Having moved across the country shortly after I joined DToid I felt like I could reach out to people who coincidentally lived not far from me. It extended even further when I went to PAX and met more people from the site. It was the first time since college that I felt like I could connect with people, both personally and professionally. The site is also what you make of it. I choose to ignore any drama that may hinder the experience, and focus on the friends I've made, and when I can try to write semi-coherent blog entries about an industry I love.

tl;dr version: I <3 you guys, and I <3 Mr. Robot


I haven't been involved in the Dtoid community for too long, but what I can say is that for the time I've been frequenting the site and hanging out in IRC, all the other dtoiders have been welcoming and interesting individuals. Whether looking for somebody to play some Left4Dead with, or talking about the next NARP party, Dtoid is a community that I can turn to in order to relax with people like me. Niero has helped to bring together a group of individuals who share a love for games and the gaming culture, and anybody who is looking for that kind of environment needs to look no further than Destructoid.


Destructoid.com is a website about video games with a nifty robot mascot.

Destructoid is more than that. It's about bringing together people to socialize, interact, debate, compete, laugh, bond, argue, flirt, fuck, and to generally show that people from all over the world can come together and find a common ground based on our love of games. The Community is what makes Destructoid special, and recognizing that fact is what has made this site a success.

Also, cocks.


Umm, did we just get Jesus' thoughts on Destructoid? Because that's pretty much the most amazing thing ever. [Elem’s name is Jesus C. IRL…no joke-Tactix]

Benjamin PerLee

Destructoid is a place where I've always felt home. even when I'm away from my friends, when I'm in another city, state, or country, I know there is one place online where I fit in and feel a part of someplace special. Destructoid has never always been completely about pumping out news; instead, it's been a place where gamers can come together and find a community that works pretty damn well.

Also, I really must say this: the level of maturity in Destructoid seems to find a fantastic balance between having fun, goofing around, loving games; and realizing we are all human beings who are made up of more than that. We have lives. We do other things besides videogames. Naia does amazing music studies. Jesse is a scientist. Pew is a Dutch guy who like hagelslag. With Destructoid, videogames just became a jumping off point for meeting people of different cultures and lifestyles. It's refreshing.


Ok... Mxyzptlk nailed it, so yeah... that's how I feel too.

Also not sure if I should be responding to this or not, but there is a gaggle of people in the Cc so hey whatever. Don't want to get left out of this, whatever it is. :D


As an addendum to my earlier post, Destructoid makes me tingly on the inside. In a good way.


Dtoid is only good for the people you meet. The front page is pretty bland, the cblogs are attrocious, and don't even get me started on the forums. The people are what make it so special. I've met some people who I'm never going to forget, and for that its awesome.


Destructoid isn't like most other popular gaming blogs where you read a blog and just comment, it extends so much further. There are so many forms of communication, and people become true friends and have real relationships. Crazy huh, an online website extending to real life. To be honest, I can truly say that Destructoid has changed my life a little, in a very good way. I went through some tough times soon after joining, and the community showed me a lot of support. I check Destructoid regularly every day, whether I'm on my laptop or iPhone (shameless plug). It's not just the main blogs, it's the cblogs as well where users can show their character through their blogs. Destructoid has started memes, and cblogs have been linked to by other gaming blogs.

What I also love about Destructoid is that it was started for Niero & Lackner just to get into E3 (I think), but as soon as it took off, they really listened to what everyone wanted, and still are, including the other editors. The community is listened to; we have a Uservoice where people can state what they want, and when Niero and Lackner blog about the technical side of Dtoid, they take requests as well. Most websites are a one way relationship, you're either giving something to it, or just taking something from it. With Dtoid, it's both. While I'm not as active in the forums and IRC as I'd like to be, I know that if I ever go there I'll always be welcomed.

Also, Destructoid opens door and is an opportunity, with Dtoid I've been given the chance to go to gaming events with other Dtoiders and have won quite a lot of swag from them. If I recall, one blogger on the cblogs (I won't name him) stated that he wanted to get into games journalism in a cblog, and from the comments he was given a job on a gaming website which he now writes for. A few of the front page editors started in the community. Irregardless of whether the general concensus likes a blog on the main page or not, people will still be supportive, even if there are a few dicks, but hey it's the internet, it's built on dicks.


I initially joined Destructoid for really boring, practical reasons. I had a blog but it was at a place where nobody would find it, so moving it to Destructoid seemed like a smart move. I'd been lurking there for a while and my motivation was purely 'people will read my blog, so that's good.'

I didn't really expect my affinity to the site to run any deeper than that but the more I delved in the more I discovered the kind of balance that people are talking about here. I think it applies to all of the writers on the site and a good number of the c-bloggers too, but it's people like Jim Sterling who can highly individualistic, sometimes seemingly controversial statements but still manage to rein that in by remembering to still make a very good point all the while which I think characterises a lot of what this site is about.

The upshot of all of that is that there is more actual personality in every corner of this site than I find in any other similar place. It's almost impossible to spend any amount of time here and not get a good sense of who the people behind the words are.

Also, and most importantly, cocks.


I wuv Destructoid. Cocks and all.


If this makes anyone cry I apologise now. Also, words are hard for me so this is what you get.

Destructoid to me is pretty much everything I hold dear to my heart. The front page is where my news comes from and I try and check it as often as possible. The cblogs I check every now and again when it catches my eye. IRC is where I pretty much live. In the morning if my PC isn't on already, it gets turned on and the second thing to be loaded up by me is IRC. What I am about to say applies to IRC people but I am pretty sure could apply across the board.

The people in there are some of the best people I have ever known. Over my time at Destructoid I have gone through some really, really bad stuff and have had numerous things go wrong for me. I have had a few computer deaths, one real death (Grandad), a mugging, depression (which I am still in) and most recently, a break up with my girlfriend which is still destroying me inside. Through all of these times the one constant in my life of Dtoid and its people has kept me mostly sane and possibly saved me from suicide a few times (Things really got that bad). The few core people I know most are worth more to me than a lot of my friends in real life and quite a lot of people are on the same level as real life friends.

Without this site I would have probably have gone completely off the rails and be doing a lot worse than I am. This site has provided the drive I need to get into programming games and has given me people to bounce ideas off of and people to inspire me to do things. This site is worth more to me than anyone could imagine and knowing that no matter what I know people around the world who would move mountains to stop me being such a pussy at times (Thanks Coonskin) means that whatever I do in life from here on out, my life is shaped in part by my time here.

My brain is currently trying its hardest to make me weep for my love of everything Destructoid but I am just overwhelmed when I think of the pure, unfiltered awesome that can be produced. I mean, look at the amazingness that was this past weekend and all the parties or the Dtoid children's alphabet book. I want that book. If all the talent from all over Destructoid were to come together we could probably build our own giant robot to rule the world with. What we would more than likely do is go on a joyride and accidentally break Germany or something (What? I can dream…) but the point is that Destructoid is one of the better places on the internet for gamers who don't like being super serious all the time and can take a joke or a cock (and maybe even both at once) and is a great place to show off whatever it is that makes you awesome because people on here actually give a shit.

The site is also why I am going on holiday to somewhere not in Europe. PAX will be an exercise in not crying my god damn eyes out at every opportunity as my love for you all threatens to consume me and everything around in some strange black hole orgy thing. I am planning a few things for PAX but the one I am making happen is a couple of cardboard helmets (Much like my beer crate one) that will be written on by everyone that wants to. I am going to try and capture the love of the community in those helmets so I can forever keep them with me and show everyone how awesome you guys are.




I think pretty much everything I want to say has been said.

Before I gush I just want to say that Bunny, you sir are amazing and I'm glad to have met you in the real life.

Now time to get all lovey. I only really came to Destructoid a while back in Summer 08 and was quite hesitant to join. But I was persuaded and it was one of the many great decisions of 2008. I've been to one NARP since then where I had a complete blast. My XBL friends list is full of Dtoid people who I play with regularly (in both ways ;)) and I've just had such a blast.

What makes Destructoid is perfect is it's community. On no other site will people get together every single Friday to play together. The banter between the Eurofags and the USfags is also brilliant. The trivia sessions in IRC, the stupid memes we create and just generally chatting to Dtoiders when I'm bored is what makes me love this place so FUCKING MUCH.

PS. Niero, you need to publish the Dtoid alphabet book NOW!


I like Dtoid and love the people. Most of them at least, haha! Everything else has been said, <3


Even thought I am a new(ish) Dtoid Commutity Member (about a year), I still am very attached to Destructoid. I really don't know what I would do if I couldn't come on here every day and talk about videogames with all of you. Like Coonskin said, Destructoid is much more than just a website. It's a community, a family, a place for like-minded individuals to discuss the things that they really care about.

Can't wait to meet everyone at PAX in 173 days, <3 you all!


That’s all for this week. I just would like to add that to me, Destructoid is a second family and a place where I have met so many friends. It has also given me the opportunity to go to gaming events and parties and meet people who I could only have dreamt of meeting. If I had known when I was younger that I would, in the future, meet so many good friends on the internet and go to press events for videogames, then I would have been so happy…cause I would know that my dreams would come true. :D

<3 to Niero and Destructoid! Also, cocks!
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