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Cblogs of 03-16-09 and ScottyGasms


Good lord... Maybe I should've waited a few weeks before switching days with Qalamari. Much <3 to mid3vol for keeping me sane over gtalk. :D

It's almost 2am here, so I'll keep this brief. Happy birthday Niero, and happy birthday Destructoid. Well... I suppose it's belated birthday wishes now, but I just spent 3 hours recapping todays' cblogs so deal with it. <3

I was going to make a video, but then I realized that I should have a bit of experience with editing before I decide to do a video that involves editing. Yes though, thank you for providing an awesome community that has left a lasting impression on me for the 18 months I've been a part of this site. Here's to many more years.

Also, I'm going to take you home with me at PAX. Sorry Colette, but he's mine. *HISS*

*- Conrad reminds us that we were all newbies once, and how we can deal with memes
*- Haxan reflects on his time with Destructoid
*- Dtoid Community Discusses: Destructoid! With all previous panel members... sans moi </3
*- Wow, probably too much time in the character creator
*- Mr Dillinger takes a different approach, looks at how gaming is a reflection of the world... worth an extra helping of topsauce

A- A bit late as a Monthly Musing, but an interesting view on single player
S- Altair78's latest entry in what he learned from video games, along with birthday wishes
S- NihonTiger90 once again asks us to show off what we got over the last week
P- The Aerial Block podcast, along with some geese
M- Mr Kite explores the Star Wars expanded universe

C- Bwark Kupo puts out a call for more entries for his contest... probably makes ZombiePlatypus sad

S- stewie32887 brags about his upcoming Killzone 2 review
I- A thin intro, but an into nonetheless
S- NegFactor talks about the Dtoid L4D 360 tourny
S- Xhumation remembers coming to Dtoid through ScrewAttack... I suppose I'm still a G1 as well, so WOO!
S- Bwark Kupo looks back on their time with Destructoid

T- Racism in RE5: CONFIRMED!! No, wait...
R- Gaming Goddess reviews Luminous Arc 2, and gives us more lovely artwork
T- darphfather is unhappy with how videogames are used as a scapegoat
N- Zelnor updates us on the recent school shooting in Germany, says the government doesn't blame video games
R- EternalDeathSlayer reviews RE5, in all its racist glory!
T- GigaMach wonders why RE, a series that has never been primarily about zombies, isn't about zombies
R- Dragonzigg reviews RE5, in its not very racist goodness
T- Thoughts on possible places to take the RE franchise
N- Well, that does it. Time to buy GH:WT
T- thebojangles considers characters missing from SFIV
R- Sgt Cheesecake reviews RE5, amazingly finds no racism

M- stewie32887 asks for recommendations for video game bands
A- Faith looks for an artist to help her with a RE5 clothing idea

L- Atlas discovers a second, hidden layer of racism in RE5
C- I've never understood how one can outright ask strangers to tell them what to do
R- Random gaming thoughts from TMillsap
V- Furyfire informs us about new episodes of There Will Be Brawl

F- mix mucked up his facts badly enough to constitute a fail
F- Thanks for the update

I know this isn't really a meme, but it's 1:30 and I'm not going to make another header image. Just pretend it says BIRTHDAYTOID :P

coonskin05 (with the gift of a Jesus baby)
garison (with the gift of young boys))
Topher Cantler (with the gift of Samit!)
Technophile (with the gift of a forum redesign)
pedrovay2003 (with the gift of robot cakes)
Toneman (with the gift of the best fap I've had over Niero to date)
RAB (with the gift of sexy Rev and a "water pistol")
Wardrox (with the gift of a video and a promised pint)
Tubatic (with the gift of kitty cake)
Aziel13 (with the gift of sleepy drunkenness)
HydroTonix (with the gift of brevity)
Riegel88 (with the gift of Optimus Prime)
king3vbo (with the gift of Samit!)
Haxan (with the gift of awesome nostalgia... see topsauce)
doctor insidious (with the gift of a lie)
ThunderHeartXI (with the gift of epic disc-penis)
Stuart Scofield (with the gift of a Firefox trick, and epic overcompensation)
Daxelman (with the gift of kitty dinnerware)
RiotMonster (with the gift of an epic list that certainly doesn't suck)
Faith (with the gift of bead magnet)
Nihontiger90 (with the gift of obligatory epic credits)
Char Aznable (with the gift of animated gif goodness)
naia (with the gift of Cars cake!)
Xhumation (with the gift of G1 memories)
eternalplayer2345 (with the gift of a button)
theuberone (with the gift of statutory rape)
Bwark Kupo (with the gift of more nice reminiscing)
Pendelton21 (with the gift of a promise to get a dtoid tattoo at PAX)
GrumpyTurtle (with the gift of yet another of his awesome drawings
EX35 (with the gift of Dtoid Rock Band avatars)
Puppy Licks (with the gift of dancing Elmo and singing Halo)
seigfreid (with the gift of regal cats and dolphins)
Monodi (with the gift of insults)
fetusmilk (with the gift of history)
CaptainBlue (with the gift of a sweet story about selflessness... I think)
Sharpless (with the gift of Jerry Lewis and Jade Raymond)
Diverse (with the gift of a doodle)
sickNasty (with the gift of Jefferson Starship)
Zodiac Eclipse (with the gift of cupcakes!!!)
spinseffingcool (with the gift of a head-banging Boomer)
unangbangkay (with the gift of loli)
Chooly (with the gift of a screen-cap)
Butmac (with the gift of a old but still epic video)

- ScottyG <3
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It feels like it's been a decade since we've seen the rise of the crowdfunded game. I'm always surprised when I remind myself that crowdfunding has been a thing long before the first crowdfunded video game, but nowadays a crowdfunded game seems like a dime a dozen.

Of course such a phrase is an incredible disservice to some of the great games that have come out thanks to websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Games like FTL, Shovel Knight, and even Undertale are around thanks to crowdfunding; thanks to people gathering around and literally putting their money where their mouth is, a game they want gets funded and inevitably the greater landscape of gaming benefits from it. Most of the time the landscape gets to benefit from it anyways.

Don't worry though, this month's bloggers wanted prompt isn't an exploratory thesis on the effects of crowdfunding on video game development. We just want you to talk about your favorite games, as long as they were crowdfunded. This topic can be simultaneously broad and narrow, because you can talk about whatever game you want, however you want, as long as it was crowdfunded.
For me, FTL is the original crowdfunded game, and it was great. It was somehow minimalist and incredibly detailed at the same time, and it was all done because a man wanted to do it, but needed the money, and thousands of other people wanted to see where his idea would go. Shovel Knight to me feels like this natural evolution of the classic 8-bit gaming of yore without also throwing myself back to a time when gaming was honestly comparatively archaic. And everyone's talked to death about Undertale, so we all know where I'd go with that.

To participate in this month's bloggers wanted, just start a blog! Oh, and title it "Crowdfunded: [your blog title here]." I bet this month is going to be pretty diverse, since it's basically writing about your favorite crowdfunded game. So I hope to hear about some good games revisited or amazing games no one has heard about.

Remember: Persona 5 was not crowdfunded, but excuse me as I plow through it.

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