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As requested: a sneak peek of my game


Random facts about it:

- It's less than four minutes long, assuming you don't screw up
- It's very pretentious (surprise)
- The gameplay is incredibly simplistic
- The art is done by Jon Holmes and Ashley Davis
- It was "programmed" with Game Maker, which means if you have a Mac you can't play it
- It will be done by April 30th or I will kill Ashley and Jon, because that's the IndieCade submission deadline
- Around the time I submit it, it will have been almost exactly a year since I first had the idea to make it
- It was originally called "The Chase" until that Felix Meets Felicity game came out, then "Avoid" until I heard about an art exhibit game with the same name, and right now it's called "Runner."

- -Anthony

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